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Welcome to Expanish!

You will enter the school and be greeted by a professional team of highly trained teachers and a passionate international staff who are excited to bring the students together and bond over Spanish learning. We know the first day can be nerve-wracking, so here is an idea of what you can expect in your Expanish Arrival and First Day in Buenos Aires

First day at Expanish

8:00-8:45: Placement Tests

You will take a Spanish written test prior to arrival and oral one on the first day at the school. This test allows for the assessment of Spanish knowledge and appropriate placement with students of the same level.

8:45-9:00: Welcome Packs

You will receive a welcome pack on the first day at Expanish which includes tourist information about Buenos Aires, program and class information, a student benefit card (used for our discount program), and an Expanish eco-bag to store your class materials.

9:00-9:30: New Student Orientation

On the first day of classes, Expanish staff will provide all new students with a short orientation that includes information about Spanish classes, activities, excursions, and Buenos Aires in general. This orientation is also a great way to meet fellow students and our friendly staff.

13:00-14:30: Security Talk and Walking Tour

Security Talk and Walking Tour To finalize the activities of the day, new students will assist a security talk and will have the possibility if they want, to take a short walking tour of the surrounding areas to get to know the location of the school and get helpful tips like where to buy a cell phone, how to add money to your public transportation card and where to exchange money.

What to bring?

Students should bring school supplies like a pen and paper for notes. We will be providing course materials, welcome pack, and eco-tote on your first day.

Location & Transportation