Accreditation Requirements for Spanish Schools

Recognition from other institutions of importance in the foreign language instruction market is a mark of trust towards our institution. This trust exemplifies not only an acknowledgment that Expanish is a reliable school, but also certifies that we are a quality institution that provides an excellent education with highly qualified teachers. These accreditations recognize that our programs are designed to accommodate a diverse audience while implementing effective teaching methods that allow students to get a hold of the most essential skills of language learning: speaking, writing, reading and listening.

The accreditations we receive also give an example to the international recognition of the value of an education received at Expanish. Organizations which specialize in providing high-quality education abroad experience have accredited our school, exemplifying the quality of our Spanish language curriculum. These accreditations and recommendation are only provided to institutions which accomplish high standards on the following qualifications:

  • Qualified Spanish language teachers
  • School premises with properly-equipped classrooms and a highly effective learning environment
  • Accommodations that are regularly inspected for safety and suitability
    24-hour supervision of young students on junior programs
  • Advertising and marketing that accurately represents the services provided
International Association Of Language Centres
Instituto Cervantes
American Council On The Teaching Of Foreign Languages
IIE - The Power Of International Education
Star Awards

Why Choose an Accredited School?

These accreditations and recommendations of a variety of esteemed organizations and assure that you will receive a high-quality Spanish language education. You can trust that Expanish is the perfect place to begin your language learning adventure.

There are several governmental organizations which are only granted to students of specific nationalities, that are only granted to legitimate organizations recognized by that government. Expanish is proud to be recognized as a competent educational organization worthy of this accreditation.

The accreditations we have received are constantly being evaluated, due to the prestigious nature of the awards. Random evaluations often occur, requiring that we stay attentive and alert to possible evaluations.

Expanish Accreditations

Expanish Accreditations in Barcelona has received are confirmations that Expanish employs highly qualified professional teachers providing high-quality academic services in environments conducive for learning and language improvement. We invite you to peruse the accreditations received by Expanish to date to better understand the level of service that Expanish provides.

  • Bildungsurlaub: The certification for the German program of foreign language education Bildungsurlaub recognizes us as an approved and certified institution as a Spanish educational center for the provinces of Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hessen, Lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate. Thanks to this certification we can receive the applications and help German citizens interested in learning Spanish to take the language learning courses at any of our schools.
  • CSN: The Swedish Central Commission for Economic Support for Studies (CSN) is the Swedish state authority that grants loans for Swedish or foreign citizens residing in Sweden to study, and which allows for 13-week programs in our schools. At Expanish we are certified and endorsed as Spanish language learning institutes validated and approved by CSN, thanks to the fact that we have complied with the academic standards required by this important Swedish entity.
  • DELE (Diploma Español como Lengua Extranjera): The DELE is a language proficiency exam created by the Instituto Cervantes and the Spanish government that issues official titles certifying degrees of competence and mastery of the Spanish language. The DELE is internationally recognized as a demonstration of command of the Spanish language and can be granted to any citizen of a country in which Spanish is not an official language. Expanish proudly offers official courses for DELE preparation and certification.
  • IALC (International Association of Languages Centres): The International Association of Language Centers (IALC) is a non-profit and international institution that has existed for more than 35 years. The IALC only certifies schools that meet very strict international criteria, given that in addition to verifying the basic parameters of security and facilities, they have rigorous requirements regarding the quality of teaching a language. This accreditation is for both of our schools and we are proud to wear this seal.
  • IIE (Institute of International Education): IIE is an educational non-profit organization founded in 1919 that focuses on the international exchange of people and ideas through advancing scholarships, building economies, and promoting access to opportunities. Expanish is committed to hosting international students and promoting the teaching of the Spanish language abroad. Expanish is proud to be an IIE Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner working to help reach the goal of 100,000 exchange students between the United States and Latin America by 2020.
  • SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española): Expanish is an official preparation and testing center of the SIELE, a Spanish language certification exam that authenticates a degree of proficiency in the Spanish language as approved by the Cervantes Institute, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the University of Salamanca, and the University of Buenos Aires. Expanish guarantees standards of quality both in the preparation of the exam and the opportunity for individuals to earn accreditation in Spanish language proficiency to be used in future academic and professional endeavors.
  • ST Star Awards: This award recognizes the work of language schools, agencies and providers working in the travel and education industry sector. We have been winners in an opportunity as the best Spanish school and we have stayed in the nominees for eight consecutive years.
  • Trip Advisor: Trip Advisor awards quality certificates to those institutions that constantly receive high scores for the users of the network, which allows other users to know when there are institutions or academies that are valued by other students as quality experiences and that deserve to be remembered.

Our Students

At Expanish we offer a truly international experience as our students come from diverse age groups, cultures and countries. Students enjoy the diversity of the classroom make up while learning the language and gaining a Spanish cultural experience from local teachers at our language school in Barcelona. It is for these reasons that our students rate us one of the best Spanish Schools in Spain. Check out more of what out students have to say in our Barcelona Spanish School reviews. To see more of what our students have to say, be sure to check out our Barcelona Spanish school reviews.