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Communication Is Key If You Want To Be Free: Benefits Of Learning Spanish

What’s the point?

There is nothing like being able to understand someone when they talk to you, and being able to reply! As an expat in living in a Spanish speaking country, knowing the language has made my life here much easier. The benefits of learning Spanish are extensive because if you learn the language you will be able to communicate with 437 million more people than you could before. That’s 437 million more opportunities to form a friendship, professional relationship, or to fall in love. When you learn Spanish, you gain access to a whole new world.
What are exactly are some of the benefits of learning Spanish you might ask? Let’s Explore….

The world becomes more accessible! When you learn to speak Spanish you can speak to people in 21 countries including:

  1. Mexico
  2. Columbia
  3. Spain
  4. Argentina
  5. Peru
  6. Chile
  7. Ecuador
  8. Guatemala
  9. Cuba
  10. Bolivia
  11. Dominican Republic
  12. Honduras
  13. many more!

Learn Spanish and Travel the World!

  •  Speaking Spanish boosts your resume. In the growing globalized market, speaking Spanish adds a huge boost to your resume.
  • Grow your client base! If you are working in the U.S. speaking Spanish allows you to access a whole new and ever-growing client base! 52.6 million people are native Spanish speakers in the United States- a number which is projected to continue to grow!
  • You gain access to a whole new entertainment market! For example, the recent, academy award winning Roma. Or, the ever famous “despacito”. Speaking Spanish opens up a whole new world of films and music for you to enjoy!
  • Automatic IQ points! When you learn a new language you become more intelligent!

How to it do it?

Now you understand the benefits of learning Spanish, but you are wondering the best way to learn. Given that Spanish immersion programs tend to be the best way to gain fluency, all that is left to decide is what type, of course, meets your needs! Group classes or Private courses?

Be a Groupie

There is something about being in a classroom full of students with similar goals which really amps up the drive to learn. A well-lit classroom, 10 seats surrounding a wooden table, each seat occupied by another student on their language learning adventure, probably from a different country than you, with different life experiences, dreams, and goals, all of you sharing this single purpose: learn Spanish.

Group courses are an excellent option for classroom experience. When you learn Spanish in a classroom setting, you are able to learn with others. In this process, you can form relationships and friendships in Spanish! Group classes are a great choice if you are a social learner interested in bettering your Spanish while making friends. Our communicative teaching method allows you to begin speaking from day one, meaning you and your new friends will be able to practice your new vocabulary outside the classroom too.

Make it private

While group courses are a social learners paradise, those who prefer a less public setting might be overwhelmed. Or even for social butterflies, some information might just get lost between giggles with classmates. There are a variety of benefits of learning Spanish in private lessons!

Sometimes we all need breaks from social group dynamics, and some of us never liked being social in the first place. At other moments, Private Lessons help both the butterflies and introverts as they offer the opportunity to cater to the language learning needs as you want!

How will you choose to learn Spanish?

Private Lessons for introverts:

Sometimes social situations can be stressful! Sometimes you don’t want to share with the class! Sometimes reading out loud can feel like coming to school and having forgotten to put your pants! And while you might enjoy going to group classes, they don’t offer you the opportunity to ask all the questions you have. So if you are an introvert on the brink of ditching Spanish learning because your group classes are overwhelming, here are some reasons to add Private lessons to round out your language learning experience.

  • You can ask all the questions you want!
  • A personalized line of conversation.
  • More practice time.
  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • Pressure-free environment!

Private Lessons for Extroverts:

Being the class clown is fun for everyone! However, between finding the next punchline and tossing winks to the class cuties, it can be hard to focus enough to catch the difference between “ser” and “estar”. As you enjoy the class dynamics and the opportunity to socialize with students you might not have had the opportunity to meet, don’t forget the main goal of taking Spanish courses was to learn Spanish! If you are an extrovert, you should add private lessons for the following reasons:

  • Space to focus on learning Spanish.
  • Personalized lessons to fit your learning style.
  • The chance to practice your conversational skills.
  • A practice space for your Spanish jokes.
  • A new friend- your professor!