Best place to learn Spanish: Barcelona

If you are wondering where to study abroad to learn Spanish, Barcelona is the place. Look no further. We all know it’s literally the ORIGIN of the Spanish language! Plus, studying in the birthplace of the language will guarantee local teachers to will provide you with the TRUE accent and local slang!

Best place to learn Spanish: Barcelona

No matter your true desire for learning Spanish abroad, we’ve got some reasons you should consider as well:

Reasons to study Spanish abroad in Barcelona

  • The beaches – This metropolitan city rests along the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t be afraid to travel up and down the coast to see cute little villages and beach towns too!
  • The weather – The weather is beautiful! Just be sure if you’re coming in August to find a place with air conditioning! TIP: The best weather usually happens between May and the end of July.
  • Culture – Barcelona has been inhabited since 5000 BC, therefore there’s TONS of history to learn about in this magical city. Not to mention it’s architecture
  • Food – The Mediterranean diet is one of the best and healthiest in the world. But when you add TAPAS culture into the mix, you’ve got a bite of everything (literally).
  • Nightlife – After your afternoon siesta and late night dinner between 9-11pm, the city knows how to PARTY! You can find travelers, expats, and locals at beachfront clubs, in cannabis clubs, bars and more.
  • The mountains – If you’re someone who enjoys nature and hiking, reap the benefits of the Spanish outdoors.
  • Things to do – There are countless things to do in Barca, from museums to parks, to the markets, to the clubs, to the beach, to the churches. You won’t find a boring day if you know how to do BCN the right way!
  • Work/life balance – If you’re someone who needs a nap in the middle of your day, after studying, before going out to a club at night, Barca understands. A “siesta” in the middle of the day is not only encouraged but a norm. You will hardly find local stores even open between the hours of 3-5pm. They’re all about taking rests, form everything!
  • Affordable – Compared to other main European cities or the United States, Spain is very affordable!
  • Music – Flamenco anyone? There are tons of joints to catch moving live music. To be honest, even the street musicians in the streets and parks are some of the best we’ve seen anywhere on earth.
  • Food – You can treat yourself to sweet and savory at one of our favorite places, Las Ramblas Market. Just a couple of Euro will get you fresh fruit, smoothies, juices, a bag of delicious nuts, a bowl of paella, shrimp, cheeses, and so much more.
  • Location – In Barce you’re located perfectly in Europe to set off for spending your weekends in other countries. TIP: Check out airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair to score cheap flights departing from Spain.

You don’t have to be a party animal and stay up late to enjoy Barcelona’s energy. Find it in the world-renowned and famous architecture, the treasure of humans from all over the world, and enriching culture. It’s the perfect city to have an experience of a lifetime in, and the food, new friends and art are just waiting for your arrival!

Expanish School in Barcelona

If you’re searching for the right program to improve your Spanish skills and need a trustworthy school? We’re happy to be your new amigos!
Expanish school in Barcelona is ready to meet you (whether it’s for a few Spanish classes, a full study abroad program with one of our host families, or just to simply stop by and say “hola”). By learning Spanish in Spain means access to top quality facilities, accommodation options, group activities, exceptional professors, and personalized programs that fit your needs.
We realize and greatly appreciate that leaving your country and traveling halfway across the world to learn Spanish demonstrates serious dedication. That’s why we will always deliver the same dedication to our students. This means full pre-departure and arrival services, welcoming staff to help with your transition, top-notch facilities, social outings, free cultural activities, workshops and so much more.

If you’re looking to travel, grow as a global citizen, experience a vibrant culture and expand your international network, then contact Expanish today. If instead of Barcelona you were thinking of Madrid as a destination, you also have the possibility of studying at our Spanish school in Madrid. We would love to help you continue your education abroad.
Vamos chicos!

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