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One of the smartest and most productive things you can do when learning a new language is travel to a country that speaks it.

You absorb the culture that lies behind the foreign language and grows as a result. Spain invented Spanish (go figure), so it’s a fantastic place to study the language. If you’re going to learn Spanish in Barcelona, though, you’ll be staying there for more than a few weeks as the best Spanish schools offer in-depth courses that take a long time. So, you’ll need to prepare properly.

All-Range Clothing

Barcelona is a very hot city in the summer and kind of cold in the winter (it’s not an excessive cold, but not pleasant either). The problem is every month that isn’t close to July or January where the weather varies greatly. It can be hot one day, then it rains, then the next day is very cold.

Summer is not only hot but also very humid. It makes you sweat a lot, and it all-around makes warm weather a lot less bearable.

On the other hand, during winter, it’s sort of warm during the day (you can maybe even wear a shirt some days) but once the sun drops it gets crazy cold. Varied weather is one of the most pleasant things about learning Spanish in Barcelona, but it does mean your luggage needs to be ready.

So make sure you’re ready for anything with the clothes you bring. Shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, cardigans, etc. But remember that this is about variety, not quantity. Don’t overpack, because you may want to buy some new clothes in Barcelona (what better souvenir than clothing?). If you stuff your luggage completely, you’ll need to buy a new one if you buy clothes and that’s just a hassle. Of course, you’ll want plenty of shirts, but maybe two jackets are enough.

Sufficient Technology

We live in the digital age; modern gadgets allow us to do almost anything. And since you’re going on an adventure, you’re going to want to have a wide variety of experiences.

This is not your everyday life where you can get most things done with your smartphone and laptop. It goes without saying you’re bringing that stuff with you, but you should also consider a tablet and a camera (maybe even a GoPro). And that includes all the tools that go along with that — chargers, portable batteries, protective cases. Make sure you don’t forget anything!

One of the most important things to remember is you’ll be out and about a lot, either at school or exploring the town. This isn’t like back home where you spend a big chunk of time watching Netflix.

So maybe even a second smartphone without a SIM card could be a good idea if you have your old one laying around. More than one charger (just in case) and portable batteries are a must. The phone cases that have built-in batteries are the most practical option, and they’re usually relatively cheap. If you want to take some beautiful shots, you could accompany your traveling camera with a small drone. There are plenty of stunning spots to fool around with a drone in Barcelona!

An Open Mind!

This is bar-none the most important point. If you take one thing away from this blog, make it this: learning Spanish in Barcelona is not just about studying a language. It’s not just about studying. Traveling is the healthiest thing a young person can do for the soul. A traveler needs to be curious, to be hungry, he/she shouldn’t ask too many questions. You need to embrace every opportunity, be it to go to wild places or to meet new people, without fear.

You’ll naturally be spending time in school, learning, honing your skill. But there’s plenty you can do after class.

Aside from the usual tourist spots, you’ll be amazed at what you can find by talking to people in your courses, or at the hostel. Barcelona is a very welcoming place with tons of little surprises. Maybe you’ll go long without eating. Maybe you won’t sleep too much some days. But it will be worth it.

In the End

It really doesn’t take a whole lot to be ready to embark on your journey to learn Spanish in Barcelona. You just need to pack all your materials and then go into the unknown with the right mindset.

Clothes for all weather and plenty of technology is enough to have a pleasant stay. Gadgets are important not just to do your work comfortably anywhere, be it in class or a coffee shop; also to take beautiful pictures, videos and other memorabilia of your journey.

Also, remember to treat yourself: plenty of good books, movies, music.

You’ll find Spain is a rich culture with tons of friendly faces and things to discover. There is no doubt you’ll come back home speaking great Spanish if you make the most of your trip in the hours you’re not working. Work hard, play hard, learn Spanish. If that’s your mantra, you’re all set.