Finding the Best Spanish Program for Adults

At Expanish, we work to administer the best Spanish Programs for Adults by providing different locations, offering the language learner to the opportunity choose the intensity and length of the course and a variety of occasions to practice the language in real-world settings. We are well prepared and experienced teaching adults, given that 40% of our students are between the ages of 30 and 60.

In order to find the best Spanish Program for Adults, which meets your requirements, it is important to know what you are looking for as you embark on our language learning journey.   Expanish and yourself are the who, now let’s explore the where, when and how!

Where? Go Abroad!

Would you like to learn Spanish in its birthplace? Explore the artistic hub and historic haven which is Barcelona! As you learn to order tapas like a native, the steps to flamenco or watch a Football game, you will be surprised at the progress of your Spanish as you engage in these cultural activities with native Spanish speakers and learners alike. Engage in Spanish Lessons at our Spanish language school in Barcelona and gain a truly immersive experience made perfectly for adults.

Spanish lessons in the South Cone? A city that rarely sleeps, Buenos Aires offers a beautiful metropolitan landscape which masterfully combines the old with the new, and adventure at every turn.  While taking courses in Buenos Aires, drinking mate, lighting up the asado and the tune of a tango will become familiar features of your routine: you will soon forget how to describe them in any other language than Spanish!

When? Whenever you want!

Now that you have figured out where you would like to study, you can begin to think about the when.

Study Intensive Spanish: In the intensive Spanish programs, language learners can choose to spend 20 hours, 25 hours, or 30 hours in the classroom in Barcelona, and 20 hours, or 30 hours in Buenos Aires. The classes are 50 minutes long, and the time of day of the class can be chosen by the student. Students of all Spanish levels are accepted, as class level assignments are based on a placement test given on the first day, allowing you to study Spanish at your own level.

Study Spanish in Private lessons: Need the chance to practice one on one? Expanish offers private lessons which will help you develop your Spanish language skills with a slightly more personal touch. Each private lesson is 50 minutes, and in order to promote an active learning environment, a minimum of 2 classes per week is required.

Night Classes: Are day classes a no-go for you? Expanish offers night courses for those language learners who have commitments during the day or are unable to dedicate full time to being a student. The evening classes are given twice a week, to offer a more laid back schedule, flexible with your own!

There are so many Spanish Courses in Barcelona for you to choose from!

How? However you feel comfortable!

You have the where and the when of your language learning journey, the final question is how?

Exam Preparation Spanish Courses: Expanish offers exam preparation for both the SIELE and DELE exams. If you are ready to take your professional Spanish to the next level, our exam preparation courses will help you work towards the score you are looking for.

Professional Spanish Courses: Are you ready to take your expertise to a new level by adding Spanish language proficiency? We offer courses in business Spanish, medical Spanish, and Spanish for teachers which allow you to develop yourself professionally and amplify your skillset.

Spanish Courses outside the classroom: For those of us who sometimes have a hard time sitting still in a classroom for long periods, Expanish offers a variety of experiential learining opportunities. From volunteer programs to tango lessons  in Spanish, these courses allow you to explore and expand not only your Spanish language skills, but also expand the variety of material you learn.