Age 30+ and Wanting to Learn Spanish Abroad? Go for it!

If you’re an adult over 30 who has ever thought about learning Spanish abroad, you might be wondering if there are options at language schools for your learning goals. For adult Spanish learners, the thought of taking a break from work, and leaving your family and home behind to study another language might seem extreme. Here at Expanish, we see many adult Spanish learners every week and have yet to meet one who has regretted their decision to go abroad.

Learn Spanish Abroad

If you need a stronger argument to convince you why you should go abroad and learn Spanish, take a look at some of our reasons why studying Spanish abroad as an adult learner is one of the best decisions you can make.

#1. The Majority of Expanish Spanish Students are 30 years and Older

Learning at an independent language school, like Expanish, is perfect for solo travelers and people of all ages and backgrounds. This isn’t just your typical junior year college study abroad adventure, this is an eclectic mix of people interested in learning Spanish abroad. Many people come to learn Spanish to strengthen their CV, check Argentina or Spain off their bucket-list, or to simply enjoy life to the fullest.

Adult Spanish Learners

As an adult learner, you don’t need to worry that classes will be filled with younger students and you won’t be able to connect with anyone. The majority of students that walk though Expanish’s hallways are single travelers of all ages, cultures, and speaking many different languages. There is always one thing that connects all of them together, and that is the common goal of learning Spanish abroad.

#2. Learning a Language Has Personal and Professional Benefits

You truly are never too old to learn a language, in fact, a number of recent studies suggest that learning a foreign language is great for keeping your brain active and healthy. Learning a language at any age is going to have its own challenges and uphill battles, but studying abroad in a different country is an excellent opportunity to keep your mind sharp.

Learn Spanish Abroad

Did we also mention the opportunity to explore different professions or make more money in your current line of work? While younger travelers, perhaps fresh out of high school or college, may not yet know the impact of their experiences, travelers aged 30 and over can fully comprehend just how beneficial knowing Spanish can be in terms of work opportunities. Many studies have shown that employees who speak a different language like Spanish earn on average 1.5% more per year than monolingual employees. What does that boil down to, you might ask? More money means more business opportunities.

#3. Understand a New Culture, History, and People

As many of us know, traveling abroad to a different country exposes us to a different culture, different people, a different way of life. For many adult language learners, this is one of the biggest reasons why they go abroad in the first place. Being able to immerse yourself in a new culture completely different from your own is one of the positive points of traveling abroad. We recommend that all Spanish learners, no matter the age, stay with a host family during their time abroad. Not only will they get the complete language immersion experience, but they’ll have first-hand experience of the typical Argentine or Spanish day-to-day life.

Studying abroad at our Spanish language school in Madrid, Barcelona or Buenos Aires as an adult student is an excellent way to grow personally and professionally. You’ll gain more life experience and tremendous value from your host country, gaining a deeper insight into different cultures, politics, and lifestyles — things you can take and carry with you for the rest of your life.

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