Learn Spanish in Spain for Adults at the Best School in Barcelona

Learning a new language can sometimes be an overwhelming journey, however it’s an adventure that is worth every single hiccup in the road. But is the journey to learn Spanish in Barcelona for adults more difficult than most? Here at Expanish, we see students of all ages and learning levels achieve success in their language learning journey. We have classes geared towards students wanting to learn Spanish in Spain for adults. All of the recent buzz regarding adults being unable to learn new languages is nothing more than a modern myth.

Learning Spanish as an adult

Adult Language Learner Myth

Articles published in the past year have many adult students worried, wondering if all the time and money are really worth learning a new language. For those unfamiliar with the topic, the articles insinuated that language learning after age 10 is almost impossible as the brain doesn’t have the same retention rate and learning ability as that of a younger generation. Yet, the authors neglected to disclose that the claims are based off of a study showing the only difference between adults and children is that children receive more exposure to language learning in school whereas adult learners don’t have the same luxury of time and aren’t privy to the same learning environment on a daily basis. The study states that adults can still become fluent in Spanish, however the probability of achieving native-like skills are lower than that of children.

The Expanish Experience

Being an adult student learning Spanish in Spain may seem daunting at first, however we have students of all ages that are able to achieve their own personal successes in their time with us here at Expanish. When studying abroad, we encourage all Spanish language learners to step outside of their comfort zone and take part in an unforgettable experience in Barcelona. We guarantee that you’ll fall in love not only with the city but our school as well.

Advantages of Group Classes for the Adult Learner

Study Spanish as an Adult

After years of teaching students of all ages and levels, we at Expanish have seen that adult students are able to achieve success in the same goals as younger students, with little additional difficulty. One thing that separates adult learners from younger learners is the teaching method proven for maximum retention. Adult Spanish learners tend to learn best from experience, in other words, the more one can practice the better. All of our classes are taught using the communicative method, meaning that students are actively engaging with the language at all times. This method of teaching has been widely successful for older students as the environment promotes proactive participation in the lessons and comradery amongst students. Through speaking exercises, reading articles and group discussions, adult students are able to progress quickly in their Spanish learning journey, regardless of starting level.

Advantages of private lessons for the adult learner

Some adult Spanish learners chose to attend personal lessons in addition to group classes. The advantages of doing so are numerous and many students have said that the addition of private lessons has greatly improved their Spanish learning experience. By participating in one-on-one sessions with a native Spanish teacher, adult students are able to focus on the topics that interest them and they are able to completely focus on the specific language skills they want to improve.

Activities that Benefit the Adult Learner

Expanish believes that learning isn’t just restricted to the four walls of the classroom; that’s why we offer many different activities for students of all ages. When our adult students participate in extracurricular activities, they are able to meet people from around the world, make friends and get to know other cultures, all while practicing their Spanish and learning about Catalan culture. From dancing the Flamenco to cooking a rich Paella and more, Expanish offers all of our students the opportunity to get to know each other and practice their Spanish skills in a relaxed, non-classroom setting.

So whether you’ve just started your Spanish language journey or want to polish off your skills, Expanish has the perfect classes, activities, and environment for adult students learning Spanish in Spain.

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