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University of Richmond in Barcelona

Louisa Bayburtian
Louisa Bayburtian

University of Richmond Discovers Barcelona!

If you are interested in travelling to Europe, Barcelona is the place to go. Connecting Spain with the rest of Europe as an economic hub, Barcelona’s unique history, culture and beautiful architecture is set against the perfect backdrop of the Mediterrenean Sea. Temperatures are mild year-round, and the modern yet ancient spirit of the city ensures that there is always something to do.


Expanish is proud to partner with the University of Richmond to provide student support services for all students participating in their study abroad exchange semester in Barcelona. In this exclusive program, University of Richmond students can apply to experience a semester at either Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF) or Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ESADE) and enjoy classes with locals to be fully immersed in the lifestyle. 

UPF is located in the heart of downtown Barcelona, and has approximately 12,000 students yearly spread throughout the city at its various campuses. UPF features courses in Hispanic and European Studies at various levels of Spanish, some of them available also in English for those interested in Economics or Business. 

ESADE students will be taking classes in the Sant Cugat campus, a beautiful location 13 miles outside of Barcelona and easily accessible by train or bus. The campus is 46,600 m² and touted as a space where the university and business communities meet. You can take Business courses in Spanish or English according to your level and preference.

Cultural Immersion in Barcelona

It is not only the academic rigour of the institutions which makes this an attractive program, but also the backdrop of the stunning city of Barcelona truly makes this experience magical. University of Richmond students enjoy a tour of the city as part of their welcome kit with us, or if they so choose, an airport pick-up to ensure they start off on the right foot. At our Study Center, we will provide a comprehensive orientation and guide to their new home – students will always be welcome to come to us with any questions or concerns during their time here – before going out with their fellow expats for lunch at a nearby restaurant, to start becoming familiar with the dishes of their new home.

Here at Expanish, we encourage you to stay in a Homestay with a local family as well, to further practice your Spanish and get to experience the culture first-hand by joining your host family for breakfast and dinner. However, if you feel more independent, you can stay in The Student Hotel residence, close to UPF, where you will share your living quarters and experience with other international students from around the world making Barcelona their home. 

University of Richmond students participating in this program will also experience program-specific cultural activities, such as a tapas cooking class, to try your own hand at cooking like a local, or a flamenco class to truly get you out of your shell and onto the dance floor. An overnight stay at a local hot-spot such as Costa Brava may also be included.

We encourage you to also discover on your own. You will be joining us in Barcelona for a full semester, make use of all the resources available to you to make it one worth remembering!

A few suggestions of activities you may be interested in:

  • Visit one of the many famous museums in Barcelona, such as Figueras (the Dali museum), Palau Nacional, and the Picasso Museum

  • Go to an FC Barcelona match at Nou Camp stadium

  • Take a Catalán class to integrate yourself more with the local culture

  • Visit Gaudí’s masterpieces: La Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, Casa Milà, and Casa Batlló

  • Watch the Castellers (Barcelona’s famous “human towers”) perform during festivals and major celebrations

  • Visit Spain’s capital city, Madrid, and get to know Spain’s largest city

  • Hike the unique rock formations at Montserrat, just one hour outside of Barcelona

  • Visit the medieval town of Girona for a truly unique experience

Whatever you choose to do, it will make your experience memorable and the kind that you will talk about for years to come. So come join us in Barcelona to make the most of your time abroad!

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