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Begin your Language Learning Adventure!

If you are looking to learn a new language, there is no better way than to immerse yourself in a Spanish speaking country, and if you are not already living in one, pack your bags and prepare for a bit of culture shock because you are going to Learn Spanish Abroad!

If you are hoping to Learn Spanish Abroad, Expanish offers a variety of resources beyond the classroom which will help in the process. One of the best things about learning abroad is the cultural immersion which takes place in addition to the language immersion. Learning abroad is also a wonderful opportunity to travel the region. Expanish is prepared to offer you the best opportunities to experience cultural immersion and to travel outside of the city of study, whether you learn Spanish in Barcelona or in Argentina.

Taboo´s and Must Do´s

When you move to a new country to learn a language, it is easy to be overwhelmed, and search out familiar patterns, in friendship, food or fun, which make you feel the most at home and comfortable. At Expanish we want to work with you to find a mix of immersion and comfort which will ease you into your life abroad. There are a variety of experiences which can contribute to your cultural immersion adventure, and we want to help find the best fit for you!

Eat, Live and Drink Like a Local

Being able to have a good night of sleep is an essential part of almost any experience. At Expanish we offer you four different ways to get your good night of sleep in both Buenos Aires and Barcelona: homestay,  shared apartment with a host,  private apartment, and student residences.  Each option provides unique opportunities to engage with cultural norms, such as becoming part of a family in a homestay or getting to know local students in a  student residence. In all of these accommodation options, you will be immersed in the culture of the city at your level of comfort.

Slang, dance style, food, and drink make up some of the days to day choices of locals anywhere in the world. To understand both verbal (slang) and nonverbal (dance and food) communication methods is to be immersed in the practices and customs of a culture. Become well versed in the history and steps of Flamenco or Tango, to help deepen your understanding of the remarks and gestures of locals. Learn the distinct folds of the empanada or the wide variety of tapas dishes, to gain an appreciation for the messages food can send.

The nightlife of a city exposes aspects of the culture which might not be observable over polite dinner table conversation. Visiting fun bars, and clubs, learning what the local’s order and what music gets them moving can be one of the most entertaining chances experience cultural immersion. Expanish offers a variety of events which allow you to do exactly that in both Barcelona and  Buenos Aires.

Hit the Road

One of the beautiful things about the decision to pack your bags and experience a little culture shock is that you have the wonderful opportunity to travel abroad. While some part of your time is spent in Spanish courses, or experiencing immersion into the local culture, you also have the opportunity to travel both inside and outside the city you choose to study in.

Urban Exploration and Adventures Abroad

Barcelona and Buenos Aires are metropolitan meccas, which offer a variety of events, attractions, and experiences sure to provide entertainment from dawn to dawn. From walks along el Caminito, to explorations of Park Guell, Expanish offers many opportunities to get to know the city a bit better by delving into some of the most iconic locations.

In addition to being able to study in a different city, when you learn Spanish abroad, you gain the ability to travel to places you might never have imagined yourself, from Iguazu, one of the largest waterfalls in the world, to the expansive fortresses of the medieval city of Girona. Expanish offers the opportunity to travel with your fellow language learners, meaning guaranteed travel partners. With 12 years of experience in helping people from around the world learn Spanish abroad, we understand the importance of wonderful travel experience in your language learning adventures.