Study Abroad for Tomorrow's Business Leaders

The Spanish-speaking world is bustling hub of business opportunities, and one that we welcome all future business leaders to explore.

With local expertise and access to key companies and businesses across a wide range of fields, Expanish Study Abroad builds completely customizable itineraries full of corporate meetings, factory visits, roundtables and networking opportunities with leading business executives in the Spanish-speaking world, complemented with a range of cultural activities, for students and faculty at the Undergraduate or Graduate levels.

Our Study Centers are based in key business centers in the Spanish-speaking world: Barcelona, Spain provides access to understanding the European market and economy, while Buenos Aires, Argentina is an entry way to the emerging markets of Latin America, specifically the Southern Cone countries of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil.

Program Development

We develop our Programs based on Four Fundamental Pillars:


We coordinate academic sessions related to the week’s underlying themes.

Expanish will recommend a combination of local and touristic activities for students to experience the best of what their destination has to offer.
We develop experiences with cultural components as well as group activities, such as DayBreakers (group dynamic activities), Expanish Networking Events and Service Learning opportunities.
Through company visits, conferences, talks with executives, and events, students will gain first hand knowledge of the local market and identify business opportunities.
Our Skills

With Study Centers in both Buenos Aires, Argentina and Barcelona, Spain, our team of local experts is ready to we help you discover the wealth of knowledge both Spain and Latin America have to offer, and learn how locals live and work.


We ensure a comfortable stay and pleasant journey through constant on-site support, robust risk management policies and dedicated program coordinators.


We are committed to nurturing our vast local networks through integrating keynote speakers, top-performing company visits, pioneering academic sessions and exceptional cultural activities into your first-class educational business experience abroad.

Destination Spotlight: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is the heart of Argentina’s economy, politics and culture. Unique in Latin America due to its mixture of European influence with local Latin American customs, Buenos Aires is known as the ‘Paris of South America’.

In recent years, Buenos Aires has become a hub for several new, start up companies from all over Latin America. It has also been the home of several successful enterprises for many years, all of whom have managed to modernize, adapt and keep up with the younger companies. A central player in the Latin American economy, Argentina’s business scene provides insight into not only the Latin American markets, but also the development of economies in emerging states.

Argentina is also home to a variety of natural wonders, from the jungles of Misiones in the north, to the mountains and vineyards of Mendoza in the east, and the glaciers of Patagonia to the south, all ready for exploration.

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