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Different Ways Of Approaching Spanish Buenos Aires

There are a variety of ways of learning Spanish and improving you’re Spanish. Firstly attending a language school and committing yourself to the language is the perfect way of getting your Spanish started! At school, you will learn everything you need to (depending obviously on how long you are at the school) it’s up to you to commit, attend classes and religiously complete your homework. If you want to go above and beyond there are many ways you can throw yourself out there and practice and connect in Spanish.

The second best way in approaching the language and emerging yourself into the Argentinian culture is by making friends with the locals! There are many ways of making friends with Argentinians! Argentinians are super friendly and approachable, you won’t have problems at all. There are many language exchanges that offer you the opportunity to meet Argentinians and swap languages, you can speak Spanish and in return, they speak English-it’s a win-win situation and you both get to brush up on your language skills. There are also many other ways to connect with locals, for example, Couchsurfing is a great way to meet people. Firstly you can search for locals who are willing to meet up and make friends with tourist. You would be surprised, as a lot of people are interested in a meet up over mate in the park, you never know they may turn into your best friend here!

Meet locals and practice your Spanish by doing something as fun as boot camp or yoga in the park! Buenos Aires is big on this, every weekend there is usually free yoga available for everyone! You can also join other groups such as art classes, dance classes, cooking classes, and other social groups. This is a great opportunity to occupy yourself and meet other people!

Spanish Language And Experiences In Buenos Aires

Read a book. As simple as it is, all you have to do is buy a book in Spanish, pick a nice park and READ! This is the perfect way to improve your Spanish, this enables you to read over the context that you have learned or you haven’t, highlight new words, look words up and enjoy a book.

This is probably one of the most enjoyable and easiest ways of approaching a language by listening to music. All you have to do is Shazam some local songs, look them up and download them. If you really want to learn new words and phrases this is great as you can easily pick up new words and learn them. At the start, it may be a bit challenging but once you get the hang of it in no time you will be singing along to Spanish songs.

Remember in order to improve you’re Spanish and immerse yourself into the culture, you must PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE and throw yourself out there, you must take up any and every opportunity in speaking Spanish and meeting locals! It may be challenging and scary at first but your Spanish will greatly benefit from this! You will thank yourself later…

The key to approaching and improving you’re Spanish is commitment and determination, if you adopt these two powerful characteristics you will get very far with your Spanish language and experiences in Buenos Aires.