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How To Set Yourself Up as a Digital Nomad in Buenos Aires

With its low cost of living and rich cultural offerings, Buenos Aires is an increasingly popular place for international students and remote workers. And the government is now making it easier for digital nomads to live and study in Buenos Aires. Read on for all the details on how to set yourself up for an adventure in Argentina.

Marc Rogers
Marc Rogers
How To Set Yourself Up as a Digital Nomad in Buenos Aires

We wrote recently on this blog about some of the reasons why we think it’s a good time to come and study Spanish in Buenos Aires. The city is really affordable right now in US dollar or euro terms, provided you know how to make your money go further! Moreover, local authorities are making a concerted effort to attract international travelers and workers, simplifying visa/residency processes and offering incentives for those who move to Buenos Aires. 

There’s no denying that digital nomads have Buenos Aires on their radar these days. The city government says that 62,800 digital nomads moved to the city during 2022, nearly triple its original target of 22,000. Given their qualifications, regular income, and longer stays in the city, it’s estimated that a typical digital nomad spends around 56% more than the average tourist, so it’s obvious why Argentina is eager to welcome more remote workers. And that’s great news if you work remotely and are interested in learning Spanish in Buenos Aires.

Here at Expanish we also like to welcome digital nomads - so much so that we created a co-working space at our Spanish school in Buenos Aires. Read more here and get in touch with us for all the details!

A private patio area at Expanish Buenos Aires
Welcoming common spaces at Expanish Buenos Aires

How do I get Argentina’s Digital Nomad Visa?

In 2022 Argentina’s immigration office introduced a new temporary residency for foreign citizens that work remotely for overseas companies. With the permit, digital nomads can remain in the country for 180 days, and have the possibility of renewing it for a further 180 days. That means you can stay in Argentina legally for up to a year. Moreover, you won’t be required to pay any local taxes provided that you don’t do any work for Argentine companies (which is not permitted under the terms of this residency anyway).  

The application process for a digital nomad residency permit can be completed online here. You can apply from your home country before arriving in Argentina, or within 90 days of entering the country as a tourist. Either way, you will need to submit:

  • An application form with personal details and information about the remote work you will be doing while in Argentina.

  • A CV/resume that shows what qualifications, training or experience you have in your professional field. 

  • An image of your valid passport (photo ID page).

  • A passport-style profile photo (taken during the application process).

  • Documents that prove you will be working remotely while in Argentina (e.g. a contract, an endorsement or job offer from your employer, payslips etc.) and at least one professional reference related to your field of work.

  • Proof that you have paid the residency permit fee (US$200 or €200).

All documentation must be translated into Spanish and legalized where relevant. 

You will receive an email with the outcome of your application, which if successful will authorize you to enter Argentina and stay for 180 days.

Can I renew my digital nomad visa in Argentina?

Yes! You can renew your digital nomad residency permit once for an additional 180 days. The renewal process requires you to submit a new application with the following documents:

  • A copy of your valid passport

  • Proof of income from remote work during your initial 180-day residency.

  • Proof (via passport) that you remained within the territory of Argentina for at least 50% of your initial 180-day residency.

  • A local criminal record certificate issued by the Registro Nacional de Reincidencia (RNR).

  • Payment of the relevant fee for temporary resident renewals. 

Buenos Aires obelisco

What benefits are there for digital nomads in Buenos Aires?

The city government of Buenos Aires also has incentives for digital nomads that settle in the capital. For example, you can request a “welcome pack” that you pick up at the airport on arrival. It includes a discounted shuttle transfer into the city center, a local SIM card, a SUBE card that is used on public transport in the city, and special rates on select accommodation for your first days. The city also offers discounts for digital nomads on select accommodation and co-working spaces. A full guide to the city and the services on offer for digital nomads is available here

All that’s left to do is register with a high quality Spanish school in Buenos Aires… 😉. If you want to quickly master the language, immerse yourself in the local porteño culture, and meet like-minded people in a dynamic co-working space, then we’ve got you covered at Expanish.

Explore our range of intensive Spanish courses in Buenos Aires or get in touch and we can help you find a study program that suits your needs and interests.

DISCLAIMER: This is an informative guide, based on available information from official government and other sources. It does not offer any rights or guarantees. Rules can change over time, and vary in different countries or regions, so always check information and requirements with official sources. 


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