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Traditional and Non-Traditional Programs in Barcelona

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’ve been thinking about taking a Spanish program in Barcelona, but you have a few questions about the best way to take lessons in the city before you set out on your Spanish language learning adventure. Not to worry! Whether you’re visiting Spain’s second largest city for a couple of weeks or coming for a longer immersion program, here are a few suggestions to finding the best traditional and nontraditional Spanish program in Barcelona for you.

Louisa Bayburtian
Louisa Bayburtian
Traditional and Non-Traditional Programs in Barcelona

Meetup Groups for Language Exchange

Being able to study Spanish abroad in Spain is a huge advantage to developing and acquiring the language. Once you’re in the city, you’ll be able to explore and integrate with locals, opening many doors for your Spanish learning future.

Our first suggestion is to look for meetup groups that focus specifically on language exchange. A language exchange has many advantages for locals and foreigners alike; it is an inexpensive option that gives you the opportunity to practice your Spanish as well as meet other people from other countries and cultures.

A language exchange is the perfect way to take unconventional Spanish lessons in Barcelona. Unlike a regular classroom setting, a language exchange is entirely speaking based, meaning you’ll be having organic conversations with native speakers. This has many advantages, like meeting new friends and learning about different cultures.

Structured, Group Activities in Spanish

If you feel like your Spanish is pretty well developed and you’re ready to try it in a more advanced setting, our second suggestion is for you. For those wanting to experience the full immersion experience in Barcelona try taking a fitness, cooking, or Flamenco class.

These interactive classes will ensure that not only will you be working on non-language related skills, but you’ll be learning an entirely new vocabulary related to your particular class. Classes can be taken by anyone of all levels, because even if you get lost in the Spanish you can simply look around and copy your cohorts.

For those interested in a more business-oriented vibe, Barcelona has a very prominent entrepreneurial culture, meaning there are plenty of meetups where both locals and foreigners can attend with business ideas in mind.

Spanish Lessons in Barcelona Language Schools

Our third suggestion is following the traditional study abroad route, but it is one that proves time and time again to be the most successful method of learning Spanish. Expanish offers our students a multitude of different classes, but the most popular are group and private lessons.

Spanish Lessons in Barcelona

Taking group Spanish lessons in Barcelona is a great option for people wanting to study Spanish alongside learning about the Catalan culture for a couple of weeks or even a couple of months. Group lessons are structured and engaging, meaning you’ll be able to develop your new language skills much quicker than meet-ups.

For even faster acquisition of the language, consider taking private Spanish lessons in Barcelona. Private lessons at Expanish offer students the great opportunity of learning Spanish on their terms and in a way that works for them. If you want to focus more on speaking, or reading, or listening, our professors are able to customize your lessons to meet your Spanish language goals. Private lessons are also geared towards your interests, meaning you’ll be able to focus on certain topics that interest you more.

Additional Supplements to Spanish Lessons

Practicing your Spanish is an important aspect of improving and maintaining your language skills. When studying abroad in Barcelona, there are always extra ways you can supplement your traditional or nontraditional lessons.

  • Spanish-Speaking Roommates: If you plan on staying in the city for more than a few months, we recommend renting a temporary room in a shared apartment. Speaking Spanish at home with your roommates will get you accustomed to using Spanish all the time, instead of just in certain situations.

  • Stay with a Host Family: Staying with a local family will ensure that you will be speaking Spanish always at home. A homestay is a wonderful way to practice the language, experience the local culture, and have a safe, private room in a local’s home.

  • Attend Concerts or Events in the City: If you’re ever taking a stroll in the city and hear music playing, follow the sound and you’ll most likely run into an activity that’ll give you the opportunity to practice your Spanish in an organic setting.

Taking Spanish lessons in Barcelona is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Many people find that meetup groups work better for them as opposed to group or private lessons, etc. Whatever your method, make sure that you practice, practice, practice, and watch your Spanish grow exponentially.

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