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Spanish Lesson: Want To Learn Spanish Fast?

They say you’ll really be fluent in a foreign language when you realize you’re speaking it in your dreams. But how does one get there? The point where your mind is subconsciously fully immersed in the language? Well by starting off that way of course!


Students may feel intimidated by walking into a Spanish only classroom. What if you don’t understand a word the teacher says? Instead of asking “what does that mean?” and hoping for an English translation back, use your dictionary or phone translator instead. The act of looking up words in an actual dictionary is a useful memory tool when learning a new language. This is one method we use at Expanish, to ensure learning right from the very start.

Tips to learn Spanish fast

Maybe you’re an expat, a student, or need to learn a language for your dream job. If you’re keen to tackle a language quickly, you can begin some of these simple actions today (even from the comfort of your own home).


  • Change your cellphone’s language setting (if using a smartphone, remember to take screenshots of the lead up to this change – so you can find English or your native tongue easily).
  • Enable a foreign keyboard layout on your computer to get used to new characters and accents.
  • Watch movies on Netflix with foreign language subtitles or audio.
  • Download an app like Duolingo, Quizlet or Babbel to utilize down time on your cell phone.
  • Keep an ongoing vocabulary list written somewhere (your phone, a journal, notepad, etc). Whenever you don’t know a word, write it down to look up later if you can’t in the very moment.
  • Try reading a foreign magazine or online publication. Use the photos associated with certain paragraphs to use context clues whilst deciphering.
  • Sign up for an immersive language experience abroad!

The benefits of fully immersive language learning


There are many benefits of hoping right into a program and learning quickly. Something priceless is the ability to grow outside of your comfort zone (as we believe it’s the only place one can really grow).

You will also make friendships which you probably wouldn’t have otherwise met. By studying abroad, you will meet international friends and expand your global network, more so than you would have at home or in your school.

Another thing to remember is that you’ll receive varied social programs and access to cultural activities through an established program. This is a great way to reinforce your learning, and apply it in real life situations (out at the bar, on a walk, while grocery shopping, etc).

In addition, by attending a language course at an actual school, you’ll have professional teachers, scheduling options and constant accountability whenever you need it.

Check out our video of below, to get a glimpse of what you’ll learn at Expanish. You can see the hallways of our school’s Buenos Aires campus. Jane uses perfect examples of typical things you might need to learn how to say.

What’s our bottom line from all of this? Immersive language programs are the way to go when you want to learn a language fast. They can also offer a great sense of independence as one expands their mind and world.

Ready to pack your bags and jump on a plane?

Take the next step towards immersive language learning and study Spanish abroad! Unlike studying a language in your university or hometown, you will be forced to apply your daily lessons and new found knowledge in the streets, in stores, while using public transportation and more.

This method of full language immersion is what truly helps you learn faster AND retain more information effectively. Check out Expanish to see various program types in wonderful Buenos Aires, Argentina or Barcelona, Spain.
Vamos chicos!