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The Best Spanish Program to Suit Your Personality

You have a career, a car and even a dog that suit your lifestyle, but have you ever considered what is the best Spanish program in Spain according to your personality? Whether you chose Spanish according to your personality or something more concrete, like your job demands, there are numerous ways you can go about actually studying the language.

Best Spanish Program in Spain Myers-Briggs

If you are aware of your Myers-Briggs personality type, even better. A well-received method of boxing our characteristics into types (16 different ones to be exact), we refer to the Myers-Briggs in today’s article as a way to quickly lead you into discovering your ideal Spanish lessons. If you’re unsure of your temperament, this article will still help you choose the best Spanish program in Spain.

How to Choose a Spanish Program in Spain According to Your Personality

Take a look at these common learning methods to find the style that works best for you.

Structured Spanish Lessons

Who are they for? Structured, organized, dependable, logical types, or the Guardians according to the Myers-Briggs test. Guardians are thorough and organized, which means they prefer a systematic approach to the language lessons. An organized lesson plan with specific, achievable goals will be very attractive to a Guardian. This does not mean completing grammar books every day. It means a tried-and-true detailed plan coupled with hands-on activities and real-world use.

Structured Spanish Lessons

Because this personality type is motivated by realistic goals, they will thrive in a setting where they move up in specific levels–such as within the European Framework of Reference. This means studying Spanish lessons in a curriculum built around it where this person can jump from level A1 to level A2 in eight weeks, for example.

If this sounds like you, you will enjoy:

  • Well-rounded, in-classroom study. This can mean identifying a strong curriculum in a Spanish school, such as the internationally certified program provided by Expanish.
  • Being in a classroom that will give you a structured time and date to focus on Spanish lessons, something that will keep you on your goals.
  • A well-rounded curriculum will cover listening, speaking, reading, and writing, ideal for your strong work ethic.

Interactive Learning for Spanish lessons

Who is it for? Adventurous, optimistic, creative, active people. The Artisans according to the Myers-Briggs test. Artisans live day-by-day, seeking fun and excitement. Your adventurous spirit does not follow a rule unless you yourself deem it vital, which is why a basic classroom can easily bore someone like you, leading you to become disinterested and give up. You are capable of thriving in a classroom if said environment is filled with communication between students and hands-on activities to keep you engaged.

Interactive Spanish Learning

If this sounds like you, you will enjoy:

  • Study Abroad. Those with the adventurous temperate would excel in a study abroad or Spanish immersion program. The unconventional nature of language learning and exciting aspects of this method is stimulating and effective for your learning habits. We recommend spending a few weeks at Expanish and living in a homestay to have the complete immersion experience.
  • Joining foreign language art or cooking classes. Rather than learning through structured classes, you will thrive in foreign language creative classes where you are exposed to Spanish in other forms such as film or food.

Private Spanish Lessons

Who are they for? Goal-oriented, rational, visionary, knowledgeable types. The Rationals according to the Myers-Briggs test. Rational types are more inclined to understand how complicated systems work and are natural problem solvers. You prefer to get down to the nitty-gritty of language-learning and understand the “why” in the complexities of what makes Spanish what it is today.

Private Spanish Lessons

One famous Rational you have heard of is Steve Jobs, who famously quit college in order to start-up his company, Apple. So, as you can see, Rationals can be self-disciplined individuals. While many people, most understandably, do not stick to at-home or private programs, a focused, hard-worker like yourself can get it done.

Spanish Lessons Abroad

Who should go abroad? Loving, empathetic, kind, imaginative people. The Idealists according to the Myers-Briggs test. If idealist types had their way, the world would be a harmonious place filled with love and mutual respect. You seek identity, you are focused on self-development, and you connect easily with others.

Spanish Lessons Abroad

Not exactly like the Artisans, who want to study Spanish abroad in order to experience an adventure, Idealists want Spanish lessons in a foreign country in order to grow, learn from a new culture, and develop the mind. You will love the romantic aspect of Spanish lessons in Spain. You may also enjoy foreign films as a way to pick up a new language.

If this sounds like you, you will enjoy:

How to Find the Right Spanish Lessons

As Socrates put it: “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” When you have a good grasp on the best learning approaches, what interests you, and how you react to certain classroom environments, it will become easier to achieve your goals. Whatever your reasons for participating in a Spanish program in Spain, whether it be fulfilling a short language immersion experience or a semester-long program, there’s no wrong way to achieve your Spanish language goals.

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