Spanish Summer Courses Barcelona: Fun in the Sun

As the sun heats up and classes let out, you begin to consider how you can spend your summer having fun in the sun, while continuing to improve your resume and gain skills. This is why Spanish Summer Courses in Barcelona are perfect for you! Packed full of beautiful beaches, outdoor activities, and cultural opportunities, Barcelona is the perfect place to take your resume to the next level while enjoying your summer vacation.

Summer Courses in Spain

We want to give you all the tools you need to help you plan the perfect summer vacation and language learning adventure. From amazing Spanish courses, which provide the chance to enjoy the weather, to weekend adventures and fun outdoor activities, this summer in Barcelona is your time to shine! Think of this post as a sort of map to plan out your Spanish Summer Courses in Barcelona language learning adventure!

Which Spanish Course will you Take?

Expanish offers a variety of courses meant to be tailored to your language learning goals. Without a doubt, all of our courses will help you achieve your goals in a fun and exciting way, below we have handpicked the courses we believe are the most fun in the summertime!

Spanish in the City

What better way to learn Spanish in Barcelona than exploring the city, interacting with locals and learning their favorite spots to hang out. As classes are taught in the morning, your afternoons will be filled with exploring the beautiful city of Barcelona and soaking up the sun!

Explore and learn spanish

In the morning you will be able to escape the heat in our centrally located boutique school that is fully equipped with modern facilities. After a lunch break, you will be able to explore Barcelona in the heat of the summer. A nice museum stop is normally included, which means taking a break from the heat and escaping into the AC.

Spanish in the City is the perfect program for those who wish to not merely learn Spanish inside the classroom, but who also want to understand the culture, the nuances of the city, the social norms, and ways of connecting. If you find conventional language learning a bit tedious, then this program–where every day you find yourself captivated by a new experience in Barcelona–is for you.

Intensive 20

Our intensive language courses are perfect for those language learners who are looking to take their Spanish to a whole new level. While we offer intensive courses for 20 and 30 hours a week, we suggest that you take the 20-hour course in order to take advantage of the beautiful summer days. In this course, you will be taking your Spanish classes in the morning, which leaves your entire afternoon free to explore Barcelona!

With our small student-to-teacher ratio you are sure to gain Spanish speaking skills with our experienced, native Spanish teachers. We use a communicative teaching method, meaning you will be speaking Spanish on day one! This will be very helpful as you spend your afternoons soaking up the sun on near-by beaches or ordering a smoothie at an outdoor bar.

Private Lessons

If you really just want to learn enough Spanish to get by and spend the rest of your time frolicking in the summer sun (no judgment here), take a few private lessons! These individual lessons will teach you based on your current level of Spanish language knowledge.

Private Spanish lessons are taught according to your schedule, but a minimum of two-fifty minute classes are required per week. Even though it’s not a lot of time, classes are structured in a way that ensures you will be speaking Spanish from the very first day. You will also be provided with the tools necessary to keep learning even after you leave the classroom!

Interested in gaining the skills you need to get by as you explore Barcelona and taking advantage of the glorious weather? Then this course is for you!

Soak Up the Sun: Barcelona’s Beautiful Beaches

What better way to spend your free afternoons than at the beach. Whether you like to lay out on a towel under an umbrella with a good book, work on your tan as you play catch, or frolic in the waves, Barcelona has a beach for you!

Nova Icaria Beach

If you are looking for a beach to lay back and soak up the rays, this is the place for you! Spaning more than 200 miles of beautiful sand and sea, it is one of the most peaceful beaches in Barcelona and has a great diversity of restaurants. In 1992, Barcelona hosted the Olympics and as homage to this moment Noca Icaria Beach has created a game area fully equipped with ping-pong tables and volleyball courts.

Learn spanish on the beach

Ocata Beach

A half hour train ride North of Barcelona, this is a pristine and tranquil beach full of golden white sand. Much less busy than the other beaches, Ocata beach is the perfect place to kick back and relax.  Long, and wide, this beach has plenty of space and attracts fewer tourists than those beaches by the city. This is the perfect place for you to get some privacy – somewhat of a luxury in the summertime when visitors usually have to compete for towel space on some of the more popular beaches.

Sant Sebastia

Close to the bustling and beautiful city, Sant Sebastia is one of the longest beaches in Barcelona. This is a great place to hang out if you are looking to get to know some locals and not be too surrounded by tourists.  Full of life, energy, and locals, Sant Sebastia is an excellent place to have a busy and active day.  With fantastic sporting facilities, visitors can play volleyball, or take part in extreme sports. Its popularity also means there are a wide range of dining facilities, making it the perfect place to spend the whole day.

Barcelona Summer Immersion

If beach time is not your thing, there are many other opportunities to enjoy the summertime and get to know Barcelona culture. From exploring historic neighborhoods to climbing to great heights to eating delicious, local food on a rooftop, you are sure to find many activities which allow you to practice the Spanish you have been learning in class all while enjoying beautiful weather.

Explore La Barceloneta

This historic waterfront neighborhood is a former fishermen’s town, which offers delight and delicious food at every turn. There are plenty of opportunities to get sporty along the beach promenade, as locals and tourists alike can enjoy biking, skating or simply strolling along. There is also a beautiful aquarium with over 450 different species, 35 habitats and a 262 ft underwater tunnel, perfect for escaping the heat of the day! Interested in seafood? Right next to the water where the fish are caught, Barceloneta is a great place to grab the catch of the day!

Summer spanish immersion

La Rambla

La Rambla is the most central boulevard of Barcelona, cutting through the city center with its lively energy and exciting sights. Throughout this historic street, you will see live performances, artists drawing caricatures, human statue art, awesome museums, and markets. One of the great markets is called La Boqueria, where you will be able to find a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, fish, oil, spices, and any thing else you might want to try!

Turo de Putxet Gardens

If you are looking to catch a beautiful view of the city, visit the Turo de Putxet Gardens! Not quite as famous as Park Guell but still bosting a beautiful view, this is a great park to enjoy a picnic, sit back, and enjoy the local hang out! The hike up the hill is worth it for the view!

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