The Best Season to Study Spanish in Barcelona

Finding a program to study Spanish in Barcelona is not hard to come by. Home to native Spanish speakers, drizzled with other official languages (like Catalan) and visited by millions of tourists every year, Barcelona is the international hub for Spanish-language learners from all around the world. Are you looking to study Spanish in Barcelona but not sure what is the best season for your Spanish immersion adventure? We’ve taken the time to explore the best of the four seasons for students wanting to study abroad in Spain.

Spanish Lessons in Barcelona City

Soak up the Sun, and Spanish, with Barcelona in the Summer

If you’re a summer junkie and are looking to supplement your Spanish lessons with a little fun in the sun, then June to August is the right time for you! While soaking up all the rays you can, Barcelona will offer the perfect Spanish immersion background to study in a park, relax on the beach or sip a chilled vermouth on a sidewalk cafe. On weekends, you can take a day trip to Sitges and spend all day walking around the picturesque little beach town. This is the perfect opportunity to practice your Spanish skills while ordering some fresh seafood from a local restobar or talking to some locals while cooling off with a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean.

Casteller Spanish Lessons in Barcelona

Study Spanish and Explore Barcelona in Fall

Do you prefer the crisper, cooler temperatures and calmer fall season in comparison to the hot, dog-days of summer? If so, strolling to Spanish class along Barcelona’s tree-lined streets and sipping hot chocolate while eating warm churros in Spain’s fall might be the perfect season for you! Studying abroad in Spain during the fall season of September to November will allow you to enjoy all that Barcelona has to offer, without the long lines and skyrocketed prices of peak tourist season. After your Spanish classes, you might have the chance to catch a glimpse of the world famous Castellers, or human towers, as they typically hold many performances during the Festes de la Mercè in September.

Stay Warm and Practice Spanish during Barcelona’s Winter

If you’re a child of the cooler temperatures and thrive all bundled up, staying cozy in your jacket, studying abroad in Barcelona is the perfect way to spend your winter! With all of the tourists gone and a cool peace lingering over the bustling city, Barcelona from December to March offers many opportunities to practice your Spanish in more relaxed settings. After spending your mornings in the classroom, you can head over to a nearby cafe and strike up a conversation with the local barista. Looking to practice your Spanish a bit more? Escape the city and practice with locals in other regions by taking a day trip to the snow-capped mountain city of Montserrat. Try the local cuisine while taking in the breathtaking views.

Renew Your Spanish in Barcelona’s Spring

For all of our Spring lovers out there, Barcelona is the perfect destination to renew or start your Spanish language adventure. From April to May the weather is pleasant, people are bright and refreshed after the winter cool and the city beckons to be explored. After your morning Spanish classes at Expanish, grab a few friends and head to the Turó de la Rovira, or the Carmel Bunkers, to enjoy a picnic while looking out over one of the most spectacular views Barcelona has to offer.

Spanish Lessons in Barcelona

Regardless of when you go, studying Spanish in Barcelona will give you the immersion experience of a lifetime. From studying at Expanish to snacking on some tapas in Eixample to walking through the Gothic quarter, Barcelona will give you the complete study abroad experience you need and want to help you along in your Spanish language learning journey.

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