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Spanish Lessons in Spain: The Top Locations
Spanish Lessons in Spain are not hard to come by. Home to native Spanish speakers, drizzled with other official languages (Catalan and Galician, to name a couple) and filled to the brim with tourists with a multitude of languages, Spain is a hub for Spanish-language learners from all over the world. In fact, Spain constantly tops the charts in terms of where to take Spanish lessons.

Tourists often view Spain as a place with year-round sunshine and posh cityscapes, and while that is often the case, choosing a city to take your Spanish lessons in Spain takes extra thought. A relatively small country, weather varies from region to region so it’s important to take into account the time of year, your Spanish language goals and what you want to do with your free time before choosing a location. Luckily, we are here to help.

Spanish Lessons All Over Spain: Where to Go?
Mentioning six different places, here is a list of the best cities offering intensive Spanish programs according to the season you are traveling in. There is no wrong time to visit Spain but we understand you may need some language-learning inspiration.

Going to Spain in Autumn?
The weather in Spain is generally pleasant all throughout Spain during the fall. The majority of tourists have gone back home after their blissful vacation in Spain and, subsequently, prices for goods have dropped. That’s why we recommend Spanish lessons in Spain’s top-two destinations, Madrid and Barcelona, the city’s capital and second-largest city. Come while the weather is still good (before the surprisingly cold winter arrives) and also while things are more affordable.

Madrid: You’ve seen it in movies, now it’s your turn to see the capital for yourself. Madrid offers an active environment and cultural experience while you are taking your Spanish lessons. Too hot and too expensive in the summertime, we recommend going in autumn.

Barcelona: See below for why we love Barcelona year-round, but Barcelona also makes the list for an autumn visit. It’s the perfect time to still walk and explore the city.

Spanish Lessons in Spain During Winter?
If you’re dedicated enough to travel during the cold winter months, you’re probably no novice to adventure. You’d prefer being in a quaint, culture-rich town in Spain where you can learn Spanish and meet new people. We recommend Salamanda and Granada, two small areas where you can easily head to see snow-capped mountains during your free weekends.

Salamanca: Although the weather can get quite cold, being surrounded by Romanesque churches and 16th-century buildings will give your time a romantic, winter wonderland feel to it, something you can miss out in a busier city like Madrid.

Granada: Moorish castles, cathedrals, and cobblestone streets, Granada has a certain charm to it. Small but still accessible with public transportation, Granada has a university nearby making it popular among college students.

Arriving Sometime in the Spring?
Coastline breeze and pleasant sunshine, Spain is the obvious choice for Spanish lessons in spring. But where to go? While there is no wrong choice during this time of year, we have a couple suggestions for you. A springtime adventurer would appreciate somewhere lively yet slightly off the beaten path. That’s why we suggest Valencia and Seville, the top cities behind Madrid and Barcelona, with great spring weather and lots of cultural spring festivals to attend.

Valencia: Spain’s third largest city, Valencia remains a favorite among plenty of Spanish-language learners. Near the beach, end of Spring still offers warm enough temperatures for beach play–plus you’ll be in town for Fallas.

Seville: Head to Seville before summertime, when the town is emptied by any and all tourists due to the summer’s high temperatures. Being the right size with plenty to do, Seville is perfect for spring Spanish program.

Planning a Summer Vacation Abroad?
Jetting off on a plane to Spain during the summer is romantic enough to inspire songs and movies in all genres. Yes, most of these cities mentioned will be crowded at this time which is why this was a tough choice. But in the end, we boil the summer recommendation down to Barcelona. It’s a given that you deserve to learn Spanish while by the beach, isn’t it? With the airport nearby, it’s a great location to start an epic summer vacation.

Barcelona: What’s a list of the best of the best without mentioning Barcelona during summer time? My current city, sporting a breezy 80 degrees. Learn Spanish while sunbathing by the mediterranean sea, vermouth in hand, before a flamenco class.

Finding the Best Spanish Lesson Locations in Spain
It’s so simple to move around Spain that you could add a few destinations to your list, taking Spanish lessons throughout Spain. This way, you deepen your understanding of the language as you move from place to place, improving your ability to note the different accents. And yes, it’s worth mentioning that each destination hold its own unique accent–so keep that in mind when planning.

You will also want to make the Spanish lessons a focal part of the planning. Do you need a destination where you can find small classroom sizes even during peak season? Do you want to study Spanish and make new friends to go exploring with? What about meeting locals? These are important questions to ask. Every location mentioned has Spanish language schools, so the ultimate decision is up to you.