Why Study in Latin America? Top 10 Reasons to Study in Buenos Aires!

You may be thinking of planning a study abroad trip and are trying to decide where to go. Look no further, the list below will show you that Buenos Aires is the number one hot spot in Latin America.

Reasons to learn Spanish abroad in Buenos Aires

Why Study Spanish in Buenos Aires?

  1. Buenos Aires is a beautiful, exciting, cosmopolitan city in Argentina. This ‘Paris of South America’ offers an endless list of things-to-do as well as incredible restaurants, bars, nightclubs, art galleries, museums, theatres, parks, historical sites, and much more.
  2. Porteños (people of Buenos Aires) are outgoing, kind, and friendly; perfect to make some local friends.
  3. The food: parilla, pizza, wine, meat, cheese, international, fusion, etc.
  4. To see the sensual and seductive Tango danced by professionals from Argentina.
  5. The nightlife is one of a kind, comparable of that to Paris, New York, and Madrid, and simply must be experienced.
  6. Argentine Spanish is unique in the world of Spanish and some of the best slang around.
  7. The art, museum, and culture scene is never ending as there is always a different gallery, exhibit, or show to be enjoyed.
  8. If you are looking for a new style, the shopping in Buenos Aires will give you just that; everything from local labels, to vintage, to top labels can be found on shopping streets and in shopping centres.
  9. It is affordable. Many currencies have an advantage over the Argentine peso giving foreigners a financial advantage in the city.
  10. To leave it! There are so many incredible destinations that should be visited in the country, perfect for weekend getaways or school breaks. Head to the North, Centre, or South of Argentina and discover a whole new world.

Convinced? Let us know what your favourite reason to travel abroad to Buenos Aires is!

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