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Learn Spanish in Barcelona

A Day Well-Spent Outside of the Classroom

One of the advantages of traveling to Spain is to Learn Spanish in Barcelona, with the possibility of practicing it outside the classroom in real life situations. With this unique day class touring Barcelona, we hand pick a personal guide from our amazing academic staff to take you on a cultural experience. In a Spanish in the City Day class, you will find yourself in museums, famous cafes and other incredible places where you can put the language into practice.

Learn Spanish in Barcelona by choosing your favorite day class module from a variety of different options. Each module takes you outside into the Barcelona bustle where you will spend 3 hours of eventful class time outdoors with a teacher who is sharing interesting aspects related to your interests related to the culture of Spain.

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Spanish in the City Day Class Quickfacts

Classes per week: 1 to 5, student's choice

Class Length: 3 hours

Program Duration: 1 to 6 modules, student's choice

Schedule: Monday to Friday, according to availability

Spanish level: all levels, from A1 to C2

Class Size: 1 person

Start date: Flexible, anyday from Monday to Friday

What’s included: Welcome pack, Spanish Course Book, Immersion Activities, 24/7 Emergency Assistance, Orientation

Learn Spanish in Barcelona
Learn Spanish in Barcelona
Learn Spanish in Barcelona
A Program that Follows Your Pace

The Spanish classes are one-to-one and each student can choose to participate in the number of modules they wish, meaning it is possible to do one or all of them! Each module is related to the language and culture of Spain, dealing with a particular topic. Here is exactly what each module is about:

  • Module: Literary Barcelona. Barcelona is considered a City of Literature by UNESCO thanks to the large number of excellent writers born here who have described Barcelona in their books. You can go through bookstores, find streets named in honor of writers, attend literary events and, if you’re lucky, listen to poetry live in any of the city’s nooks. With this module of Class Day in the City, you will be able to learn the Spanish language much better and, why not, inspire you to write your own work.
  • Module: Social Life in Barcelona. This is the ideal Spanish in the City Day Class to choose if you want to get to know the way of life in Barcelona firsthand—a cosmopolitan and open city with one of the best qualities of life, security and equity worldwide. Sign up here to learn, together with one of our teachers, the secrets about life in this magical city and perfect your Spanish skills while visiting the local meet-up spots.
  • Module: Modernism in Barcelona. Barcelona is a living example of modernist architecture with more than 120 works around the city, from huge palaces and public buildings to small shops and houses. With this Spanish in the City Day Class, you can learn facts and nuances about what influenced the architects, such as the famous Gaudí, and learn specific vocabulary related to architecture in Barcelona.
  • Module: Walking in Barcelona. Although the Barcelona metro is the preferred method of transportation and its buses can take you to the farthest corners, touring the city on foot will make you fall in love with its wide avenues and also its old cobblestone streets that are only accessible to pedestrians. This module of Spanish in the City Day Class is ideal for one of our teachers to guide you through the secret and picturesque places of the city while practicing your Spanish with locals and exchanging ideas.
  • Module: Barcelona and its Political History. If you are interested in social and political topics, this course invites you to learn about the history of Barcelona and, since we have not forgotten that you will be learning Spanish, you will find out more about, among other things, the conflict between the Spanish and Catalan languages. Go ahead and practice your Spanish outside of the classroom with this Spanish in the City Day Class alongside a Spanish teacher who will guide you to easily get to know this beautiful city in detail.
  • Module: Art in Barcelona. Beyond the famous Joan Miró, a city native, Barcelona is a meeting point between artists and those who seek to discover a new facet of this city. Music, painting, architecture, poetry…you will explore it all in Barcelona! And although art is a universal language, this Spanish in the City Day Class will give you tools to perfect your Spanish language skills and so you can appreciate the artistic form that most interests you.
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The Academic Team

Paula Cerderia

Academic Director

Alex Palau


Spanish in the CIty Day Class FAQ

Can I choose any module?

Yes, you can take the module you most like as a unique class or you can take many or all of them if you want to.

How will the tour be?

Together with a Spanish Teacher, who will prepare your itinerary, you will visit one or many places on foot or public transport.

Is there any extra cost?

The tour includes the teacher’s extra charges, such as public transport, but students must pay for their own extra charges. Most of the activities are free or cheap.

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