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School Activities in Barcelona

Spanish Activities in Barcelona

Expanish offers School Activities in Barcelona to all of its students to allow them to discover the city and experience Spanish culture in a fun and interactive way.

New activities every week included in most of our programs and available to students

Additional low-cost activities are also offered

Activities all week long, including Saturdays and Sundays

All activities are optional

A complete immersion experience and guaranteed Spanish fun

Each week, we organize School Activities in Barcelona for all students. You will not want to miss it! They are divided into 4 categories: Social, Cultural, Welcome, and Academic, allowing you to make new friends while practicing your Spanish and getting to know Barcelona.

Welcome Activities

Meet some of the Expanish Staff and fellow students at our weekly welcome meeting. You will have the opportunity to meet for a picnic, having drinks or coffee at a local cafe, or wandering around a market.

Academic Activities

These activities includes extra learning such as our Workshop Job Interview in Spanish, learning Catalan or Pronunciation Workshop. Don`t miss a moment to learn Spanish.

Social Activities

For an unforgettable experience in Spain, this activities give you plenty of opportunities to make new friends from all over the world. Meet new people at student dinners, after/office drinks, game nights, fútbol matches, picnics, and more, all organized by Expanish.

Cultural Activities

Flamenco classes, Fiesta de San Juan, a visit to Guell Park are some of the ways that we provide a true immersive experience into Spanish culture.

Upcoming Activities in Barcelona
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