Student Accommodation In Barcelona

Student housing in Barcelona, Spain

Expanish offers Spanish courses in Spain, as well as accommodations for our students in Barcelona. Searching for and booking Student Accommodation in Barcelona can be done directly through Expanish. We offer opportunities to live in an apartment with other students in Barcelona or in a homestay to live the Spanish lifestyle. Our accommodation is located in the best neighborhoods of the city, close to the school, providing the perfect student housing in Barcelona, Spain.

There are many options, meaning you can choose the best accommodation in Barcelona that fits your lifestyle. The rooms are equipped with everything that you will need. Student Accommodation in Barcelona is shared with other students from the school or university students, and sometimes with Spanish locals. As you take Spanish courses in Barcelona, it is essential that you find the perfect student accommodation for your experience, and we want to help you get there.

You will be able to personalize your accommodation making satisfaction guaranteed.
You will receive a cultural immersion experience
All of the options are in safe and secure places in the city
All of the accommodations are located in the best neighborhoods of Barcelona

Student Accommodation Options in Barcelona

AccommodationType of RoomCommute to SchoolMeal OptionsPrice per Night


Single or Double (only for 2 students travelling together)Flexible. Maximum 30` Half BoardStarting at

Shared Apartment

Single or Double (only for 2 students travelling together)Flexible. Maximum 30`Does not include mealsStarting at

Locations of Student Accommodation in Barcelona

Locations Of Student Accommodation In Barcelona

All of the student accommodations in Barcelona are located the most upstanding neighborhoods of the city and are within 35` of the Expanish school, although many options are closer. Barcelona is a very large city, meaning it is very common for students to take public transportation such as the subway or bus to get to the school each day, just like the locals do.