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Excursions In Spain

Group Excursions in Barcelona and other Cities of Spain

Are you looking for an adventure outside of Barcelona? Expanish organizes group excursions from Barcelona for students to see and experience as much of Spain as possible. We have both day and weekend group Excursions in Barcelona to test your Spanish skills while exploring a small medieval town or hiking through the mountains. There are many opportunities to go sightseeing in Barcelona, which means you are sure to always find something to do in the city, but why not see more of Spain? For this reason, we have organized group excursions at all times of the year. Please join us as well as other Expanish students on these awesome adventures.

All of our Excursion in Barcelona are scheduled dates related to the best season to visit the area. Check out what we offer, and feel free to Contact us for pricing to see if we have an excursion planned during your visit.

Sightseeing in Barcelona and Exploring Spain

Embark on an adventure to explore the most interesting places near Barcelona, combining the story os Spain with its beautiful landscapes. Group excursions has many dates along the year, but if you cannot make it to the scheduled ones or want a different adventure, we can also assist you in planning your trip.

Cava Freixenet

A visit to the Cava, a few kilometers from Barcelona, is perfect to immerse yourself in fine wines, tales of Spanish history, and mountainous scenery. Participants get to know the wineries and people who run them while they learn about the wine industry and enjoy the beautiful views.


In Girona, only 60 miles (102 kilometers) north of Barcelona, you can marvel at medieval architecture. It also has gothic cathedrals and a very rich history to learn. The Oñar River is an ideal setting for strolling along the shore and taking pictures of its colorful buildings.


Taking the train from Plaza España, students can easily spend the day in Montserrat. It has a beautiful mountain range for great hiking and enjoying the panoramic views of the unique rock formations and unusual terrain.


The relaxed coastal town of Sitges is an ideal place to spend the day. Walk around the old city or enjoy a delicious meal. There is also time to explore the many shops and enjoy the breathtaking sea views.

Upcoming Excursions