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School Activities In Barcelona

Spanish Cultural Activities in Barcelona

Expanish offers School Activities in Barcelona to all students allowing them to explore and experience Spanish culture in an interactive and exciting way.

New activities are created every week and already included in most study programs

In addition, other low cost or free activities are always offered

Activities are available all week long, including Saturdays and Sundays

No activity is required, you can choose if you want to attend or not

A True Immersion experience and Guaranteed Fun in Spanish

Every week, Expanish organizes School Activities in Barcelona for any student who would like to participate. Do not miss out on these awesome events! The events are divided in to 4 different themes: Welcome, Academic, Cultural and Social, providing you the perfect opportunity to make new friends as you study Spanish and explore Barcelona.

Welcome Activities

During our weekly welcome meeting you will meet some of the Expanish Stadd as well as your fellow students. You will have the opportunity to have a picnic, having drinks or coffee at a local cafe, or wandering around a market.

Academic Activities

Such activities would include extra learning such as our Workshop Job Interview in Spanish, learning Catalan or Pronunciation Workshop. Don`t miss a moment to learn Spanish.

Social Activities

For an unforgettable experience in Spain, these activities give you many chances to meet new friends from all over the world. Meet new people during after office drinks, student dinners, game nights, fútbol matches, picnics, organized and facilitated by Expanish.

Cultural Activities

Flamenco classes, Fiesta de San Juan, a visit to Guell Park are just some of the ways that we can provide a real immersive experience into Spanish culture.

Upcoming Activities in Barcelona