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At Expanish, we offer Spanish courses in Barcelona that can be tailored to your ideal Spanish Immersion program in Spain. In the table below, you can find the course that best fits your needs by comparing starting dates, required Spanish levels, and the number of lessons each course offers per week.

Our wide array of Spanish courses in Barcelona are all taught using the communicative teaching method, which emphasizes self-expression and effective communication. No matter what course you choose to take, from our exiting out of classroom courses to our ever popular intensive Spanish Courses in Spain, you will start speaking Spanish on day one.

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Compare Spanish Programs in Spain

CategoryCourseLessons per WeekStart DatesSpanish Level
Intensive CoursesIntensive Spanish 2020 Group LessonsEvery MondayA1 to C2
Intensive CoursesIntensive Spanish 3030 Group LessonsEvery MondayA1 to C2
Intensive CoursesPrivate ClassesMinimum 2 LessonsAny day from Monday to FridayA1 to C2
Intensive CoursesCombined Classes20 Group Lessons + 5/10 Individual LessonsEvery MondayA1 to C2
For Expats and ResidentsEvening Spanish Course4 Group LessonsFirst Tuesday of every monthA1 to C2
Long Term Programs6 Month Spanish Programs20 Group LessonsEvery MondayA1 to C2
Long Term Programs9 Month Spanish Programs20 Group LessonsEvery MondayA1 to C2
Long Term Programs12 Month Spanish Programs20 Group LessonsEvery MondayA1 to C2
Online Spanish CoursesOnline Standard Course4 Group LessonsEvery TuesdayA1 to C2
Online Spanish CoursesOnline Private LessonsMinimum 2 LessonsAny day from Monday to FridayA1 to C2
Exam Prep & ProfessionalDELE Exam Preparation10 Individual LessonsEvery MondayA1 to C2
Exam Prep & ProfessionalSIELE Exam Preparation10 Individual LessonsEvery MondayA1 to C2
Special AccreditationsBildungsurlaub30 Group LessonsEvery MondayA1 to C2

Linguistic Progression

What follows is a chart which represents Spanish language level advancement from A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Master of Proficiency), as well as the number of weeks, suggested to progress to each subsequent level. Throughout the levels, Expanish maintains a flexible approach, as our Spanish teaching methods adapt the classroom dynamic to address the learning needs and strengths of each group. Advancement speed is determined by a group dynamic, allowing the students to advance together.

  • C2 – Master of Proficiency Student is easily able to understand basically everything he/she hears or reads; understands how to restructure arguments and information from a variety of sources as well as present them in a coherent and correct manner.
  • C1 – An Advanced Student is able to recognize implicit meanings as well as complex texts. Student is able to effectively use the language for social, professional and academic purposes, and can also produce clearn, well structured text on a variety of subjects.
  • B2 – The Upper Intermediate Student has no difficulty in understanding the main ideas of complex texts, and has the ability to produce detailed, clear texts on different topics, as well as defend their point of view.
  • B1 – The Intermediate Student is able to comprehend the main points of basic texts in straight forward language and is able to produce simple, coherent texts. Student is able to handle most situations that might arise during a trip.
  • A2 – An Elementary Student is able t0 communicate simple, daily tasks through direct information exchanges as well as information. Student is also able to describe his/her past, physical surroundings, and immediate needs in simple terms.
  • A1 – Beginner Student is able to articulate and understand simple,  frequently used everyday expressions as well as phrases designed to satisfy immediate needs.
Linguistic Progression
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A Little Bit More about our Spanish Immersion Experience in Spain

At Expanish we are proud to offer many intensive Spanish courses in Spain, all of which are accredited and awarded by a variety of organizations. Not only are our intensive Spanish immersion courses accredited by such prestigious programs as IALC (International Association of Language Centers), we have also been nominated for the Star Awards on various occasions, and had the honor of receiving the award in 2012.

The Spanish immersion programs we offer, as well as our intensive Spanish course Barcelona are recognized by SIELE and DELE as examination centers as well as an excellent place to prepare for the examinations. As a provider of Spanish Immersion experiences in Spain we have also partnered with CSN and Bildingsurlaub, which allows even more students to participate in our intensive Spanish course and intensive Spanish language programs.

Our students not only enjoy our intensive Spanish immersion experiences but also take the time to share their experience in their intensive Spanish courses in Spain with the world, which allowed us to receive a certificate of excellence from trip advisor. Our students enjoy the Spanish immersion in Spain and Spanish immersion class in Barcelona, especially those who participate in Spanish courses in Barcelona for adults.  Join our community of alumni who has enjoyed their intensive Spanish immersion courses in Spain.

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Instituto Cervantes
American Council On The Teaching Of Foreign Languages
IIE - The Power Of International Education
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