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Start your Full Immersion Experience in Barcelona!

Spending up to a year studying Spanish in an immersion environment is the most cost-effective and fastest way to become proficient. With a long-term program, you will not only learn Spanish in the classroom but also experience it during your daily lives in Barcelona, making local friends, and exploring everything the city has to offer.

The long-term programs consist of our intensive group Spanish course that is 20 lessons per week for 6, 9 or 12 months. If you need to learn Spanish for university, for a job or to improve your CV, or to just learn a new skill, this is a guaranteed way to meet that goal and to have a life-changing experience in Barcelona.

Each program consists of weeks of Spanish classes together with weeks of vacation to allow you to take a break when you need it or to explore the rest of Spain and travel around Europe. Your great European adventure awaits!

Expanish Barcelona Accreditations

Long-Term Spanish Courses

Spend up to one year in Barcelona learning Spanish and becoming an expert on all things Barcelona.

Our Spanish Classes: Becoming Fluent in Spanish

To absorb a new language, you need the right environment and the time to do so.

Our Spanish classes in Barcelona are accredited by the Cervantes Institute, and they mix academic rigor with a focus on fun and interactivity.

You’ll team up with small groups of students, and participate in dynamic exercises and conversations as you progress through our course levels. Our passionate teachers will lead the way and ensure you feel at ease and reach maximum fluidity by the end of your stay.

Come to a place where you can study at your own pace. Where learning is as easy and fun as making friends. Come to Expanish, our Spanish school in Barcelona.

Curious about how much Spanish you can learn in 6 months to a year? Check out our level progression chart!

Learn Spanish Barcelona

Our School in Barcelona

Learning a language should be an adventure. And every adventure is better with friends.

At our Spanish school in Barcelona, you’ll meet travelers from every continent. Each will have a different story to tell, from a different culture and point of view.

We built our facilities and common rooms with this in mind. They’re comfy, sophisticated, and stress-free. The perfect place to grab a snack or coffee, sit on a sofa or armchair, and connect with other students.

And since it’s in downtown Barcelona, you’re a step away from infinite possibilities: bars, museums, historic buildings, art districts — you name it, you’ll find it.

So come take our Spanish courses in Barcelona. Make friends, explore a vibrant city, and open up your world, one Spanish word at a time.

Barcelona School Location

Academic Excellence

Stylish facilities

Engaging after-school activities

Excellent location in downtown Barcelona

Accreditation by the Cervantes Institute and the IALC (International Association of Languages Centres)

Wifi access

TVs, computers and tablets

Coffee and snacks

Lounge and dining room

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Learn Spanish In Spain
Spanish School Barcelona
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Living in Barcelona

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, with 1.61 million residents in the city and 3.24 million in the surrounding area. It is also one of the most popular destinations in the world for travel, and for studying abroad.

This is no surprise, as Barcelona is a uniquely rich city, blending Spanish, Catalonian and European culture. Known for its fascinating history, awe-inspiring architecture, beautiful beaches, delicious foods and never-ending nightlife, this Mediterranean hub is central to immersion in European culture while our students study abroad in Spain.

Our students in Barcelona are able to merge their studies with a truly immersive experience. Through the Spanish they learn in the classroom and the activities provided by Expanish, students are able to dive deeper into the local culture.

They are not simply learning a language: our students have the special experience of living and breathing the history, customs and culture of Barcelona as a local would, while gaining university credits.

Living In Barcelona
Experience the City with our After School Actvities!
Obtaining a Student Visa

All non-EU students will need to apply for a student visa prior to their program in Spain. Upon completing registration, Expanish will provide an enrollment letter that is one of the required documents. Students should check with the nearest Spanish embassy/consulate for updated requirements apart from the Expanish enrollment letter.

Working in Spain

Non-EU students who are studying in Spain with a student visa have the possibility to work part-time during their studies. This is a great way to practice Spanish in real life situation, get valuable international work experience and make some money offset the cost of living in Spain. Most students find work in the tourism and hospitality industries, but specialized skills like programming are highly sought after in Barcelona.

Long-Term Programs as a University Pathway

Completing a long-term program at Expanish is a great way to prepare for starting university in Spain.  Most university programs taught in Spanish require a minimum Spanish level of B2 (Upper Intermediate) and will require a formal exam as part of the application process.  Students completing a long-term program should easily reach this level of Spanish during their stay and can use our programs as a preparatory course for their university application and studies.


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Our school has received many accreditations and distinctions over the years, but our greatest honor are the smiles and gratefulness of the students who’ve chosen us to study Spanish in Spain

International Association Of Language Centres
Instituto Cervantes
American Council On The Teaching Of Foreign Languages
IIE - The Power Of International Education
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work during my time in Spain?

Yes, if you are on a student visa in Spain you may work up to 20 hours per week after completing the paperwork to get a work permit. This is done after arrival and can take several months to complete, so we recommend that students should not expect to work right away. Expanish can provide a guide to completing this process, so ask our admissions or on-site staff for advice.

Do I need a visa to do a long-term program?

This is true for non-EU passport holders. The maximum length for most tourist visas in the Schengen Area is 90 days, so a student visa is required to study for longer periods. We recommend that each student contact their nearest Spanish consulate to get updated information regarding student visa requirements and the application process.

How long in advance do I need to register in order to start?

Expanish recommends that students finalize their registration with Expanish at least 8 weeks prior to departure in order to give ample time to apply for the visa and receive a response in time.

How does the payment work? Can I pay in installments?

In order to receive an enrollment letter as part of your visa application, Expanish requires the full payment of the program. Students may make payments in monthly installments, however, the full amount needs to be completed to receive the enrollment verification so if you plan on paying in installments it is best to plan in advance. Get in touch with our admissions team for details about paying in installments.

Can I take a break from classes during my program?

Yes, each long-term program has weeks of vacation included. These are automatically placed at the end of the stay, however, students may request to take their vacation during the middle of program as well. Vacation will allow students to take a break for the intensive classes and have the option to travel around Spain or Europe.