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Spanish in Barcelona

Spanish in the City in Barcelona, Spain

What better way to learn Spanish in Barcelona than exploring the city, learning about its history and daily life, and interacting with locals? If you are looking an immersion program, this course lets you learn the language while experiencing the city first-hand.

We all know that to fully master a language, the most effective way is to completely immerse into the city where that language is spoken, absorbing the environment, its people, and its customs. From that idea comes Spanish in The City, a new, dynamic way to learn Spanish where the objective of the course is not only to gain knowledge of the language, but to embody and experience life in Spanish in Barcelona.

Spanish in the City Quickfacts

Lessons per Week: 20 group lessons per week, 6 individual classes around the city

Lesson Length: Each group class has a duration of 50 minutes, 55 the private ones around the city.

Program Duration: Minimum 1 week.

Schedule: Monday to Friday, group classes from 9:30am to 1:30pm, individual classes from 2:30pm

Spanish Level: All levels

Class Size: Average 5, maximum 10

Start Date: Every Monday

What’s included: Welcome pack, Spanish course book, 4 free immersion activities per week, 24/7 emergency assistance, orientation, WiFi and computers with internet access

Spanish in Barcelona
Spanish in Barcelona
Spanish in Barcelona
Who is this course for?

Spanish in the City is the perfect program for those who wish to not merely learn Spanish inside the classroom, but who also want to understand the culture, the nuances of the city, the social rules, and ways of relating.
If you find learning a language in a conventional way a bit tedious, then this program–where every day you find yourself captivated by a new experience in Barcelona–is for you.

Course Structure

The program consists of an intensive Spanish course of 20 group lessons and 6 hours of individual lessons out and about in the city of Barcelona. The objective is that the theoretical content that is reviewed in the group sessions is then applied during the visit to the city. For example, if you see a module referring to “Restaurant and Food” in the group class, it’s very likely you will visit a restaurant or supermarket during the outing.
There are at least 6 visits throughout the module, always in the company of a teacher who plays the role of teacher and tour guide at the same time. The destinations may be: a bar, museum, supermarket, tourist spots in the city, among others.

Sample Day
9:00 AM
1st group module
11:20 AM
2nd module
12:30 PM
3rd module
01:30 PM
02:30 PM
Individual class in the city
The Academic Team

Paula Cerderia

Academic Coordinator





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