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The communicative approach

As one of the spanish teaching methods in Buenos Aires, at spanish we use the one called the Communicative Method which means students are encouraged to speak and interact as much as possible in the classroom. During the classes students are presented with a variety of texts exploring Argentina’s culture, current affairs, and issues that will interest students. Our professional and friendly teachers will provide the necessary support to help the students build their on their vocabulary, work on their grammar, and improve their writing and speaking skills.

The four keys language skills

Expanish Spanish classes encourage the development of the four key language skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening. We tackle all four skills through different interactions such as small groups activities, class discussions, and multi-media audio and visuals as our spanish teaching method in Barcelona. This integral approach to Spanish learning is the most complete way to gain proficiency in the language and will help you to learn formal and correct grammar, through usage rather than memorization..

The Complete Immersion Experience

Our strongest belief is that learning Spanish while living in a Spanish-speaking country is the best way to achieve a true understanding of and proficiency in the Spanish language. The more you fully immerse yourself into the language by practicing speaking and listening in real-life situations, the faster you will develop confidence in your new language skills. With our Spanish courses students immerse themselves in Spanish. This means that from the very beginning everything takes places in Spanish and all our material and the communication with their teachers is in Spanish.

We encourage you to use Spanish as much as possible outside of class. To facilitate this, we offer:

  • A program of activities most days during the week
  • Occasional class excursions to locations around Barcelona such as traditional bars, museums and historic sights that complement class material
  • Accommodation placements with Spanish speaking families or in shared accommodation with other international students and/or Spanish speakers.
  • Teachers and staff that encourage Spanish-speaking outside of the classroom for extra practice in a relaxed environment

Small Classes and Specific Levels

We offer all levels according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). So whether you are a complete beginner, an advanced speaker, or somewhere in between, we can match you to the best-suited class for your level.
The maximum number of students per group is 10; however, we usually only reach the maximum during high season. We like to offer small class sizes because it is the most beneficial way for students to get hands-on practice and to have room to grow.


All of our programs are aligned with and based on the Cervantes Institute. The curriculum and teaching plans are framed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Professional Teachers

All our teachers have backgrounds in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, are native Spanish speakers, and hold university degrees. Many of them have been part of the Expanish family for years. They understand how students learn Spanish differently and are experienced and familiar in dealing with various cultures and languages in the classroom. They have a passion for what they do.

The class material is the book “Prisma” and extra material such as photocopies, listening exercise, and videos are used. The goal is to make sure you are comfortable in communicating in Spanish, regardless the duration of your stay. The teachers provide guidance and ongoing support in class, helping to build your confidence and giving constant feedback on your progress.