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As a student of Expanish I want to do and see as much as I can in Buenos Aires. Besides learning Spanish I like to know about the Argentine culture. One of the things I wanted to do in Buenos Aires is to try a Argentine steak. Argentina is famous of their steak. It’s not a secret that they love meat and that they are good in preparing it. Don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian, there are a lot of restaurants in Buenos Aires. Pasta, pizza and salad are common choices here. Today I would like to tell you about my experience in a great parrilla in Buenos Aires.

In South America a parrilla is the name for a steakhouse. You could find plenty of them in Buenos Aires. Different kind of food is on the Parrilla, such as meat, vegetables, bread and chicken. Argentina has the worlds second highest consumption rate of beef. So you can’t leave Argentina without trying their famous steak. I went with one of my classmates from Expanish to Puerto Madero, a neighborhood in Buenos Aires. In Puerto Madero you can enjoy the waterfront and the views, but also learn a bit about the history of Puerto Madero. After this my friend and I went to a parrilla.

“This bife the chorizo is great! Que rico!”

The parrilla we went is called ‘La Cabaña’. This place is located at the riverfront in Puerto Madero. There is a big (fake) cow in the entrance and you see the skin of the cow everywhere, for example in the menu. I can tell you this the restaurant is pricy, but when we got what we ordered we said: “this bife the chorizo is really great!” Especially with the Argentine wine, Alta Vista. Que rico! We asked the mozo (the Argentine people call the waiter a mozo) which wine he would recommend us, always good to ask for recommendations I think. With the meat you get different sauces, but it´s not necessary to use this. The meat is nice without anything. Even for me, because I am not a big fan of meat. I still can recommend you to try a steak here in Argentina. There are many places where you can go to. 

Parrillas in Buenos Aires

–          La Cabrera;: a great place for an exceptional meat dish. Every day there is a happy hour (19:00), so you could try this amazing food for a cheaper price. I’ve here also, really nice place and I enjoyed their steaks also very much.
Address: Cabrera 5099 (Palermo)

–          Don Julia; highly recommended for it’s exceptional meat dishes. Nice corner locations with sidewalk tables. The wine list is better than average.
Address: Guatemala 4699 (Palermo)

–          Miranda; popular for it’s luscious steaks. Miranda is fashionable and modern, but the food is the main attraction here.
Address: Costa Rica 5602 (Palermo)

–          El 22 Parrilla; a cheap unoretentious parrilla isn’t that easy to find in upscale Palermo Vieje. This casual family-style parrilla is an exception serving huge portions for a great price.
Address: Carranza 1950 (Palermo)

–          Gran Parrilla del Plata; there’s nothing too fancy at this traditional corner parrilla, just old time atmosphere and generous portions of good grilled meats at decent prices.
Address: Chile 594 (San Telmo)

–          Chiquilin; for 85 years serving in this large and comfortable restaurant with a classic atmosphere.
Address: Sarmiento 1599 (Congreso)

–          Parrilla al Carbon; cheap parrilla at a small discreet eatery on pedestrain Lavalle, next to Balcarce café.
Address: Lavalle 663 (Microcenter)

–          La Cabana; the place I went to and where you can enjoy Puerto Madero.
Address: Av Alicia Moreau de Justo 380 (Puerto Madero).

What to order?

When you decide to go to a parrilla then it’s a good idea to have a look at our article about the different parts of the cow, pleased to meat you. Argentine people use every part of the cow. For example, you will see on the menu: lomo, bife the chorizo, bife anchos etc. When I was at the parrilla I recognized a few options. I heard before about the bife the chorizo, so I decided to try this. If you don’t know what to choose, ask the mozo. But if you like to be sure about what you order, then have a look at our article.

Why is the meat so good in Argentina?

Beef quality is dependent on the diet provided to cattle and their living conditions. In 1536, Spanish conquistadors introduced the first cows in Argentina. Gauchos (South American cowboys) who lived on the pampas (outback) turned the asado (barbeque) into an important national dish. The asado and production of the beef are important in the Argentine culture. Asado is a term used both for a range of barbeque techniques and the social event of having or attending a barbeque. The two different farming regimes used for beef production in Argentina are grass pasture and feedlot-based farming. The grass-fed beef is still the most popular here in Argentina. It is believed to be healthier than beef feedlots, but it is more expensive. It takes longer to raise the animal. Grass-fed cattle are living under more natural conditions. If you like to know about the cow in Argentina and why the meat is so good here, have a look at our article Argentine Beef.