Top Ten Reasons to Learn Spanish

In the last few months as a Spanish student at Expanish in Buenos Aires, I have been devoting the majority of my time, mental capability, and money towards learning Spanish at Expanish. So what is it that keeps me motivated? Here´s my top ten list of reasons to learn Spanish:


1)      500 million people can´t be wrong! Spanish is the third most-spoken language in the world, following Mandarin Chinese (1151 million) and English (1000 million). And those numbers will only continue to grow.

2)      Travel, travel, and more travel! Spanish is spoken all over the world and therefore a very useful tool for other world-seekers like me. Of course, the majority of South America, Latin America, Mexico, Spain, and parts of the U.S., speak Spanish, but may also be found in Equatorial Guinea, Africa, the Philippines, Easter Island, and parts of Antarctica!

3)      Looks great on your resume or CV.  Just that simple!

4)      Haven´t you wondered what Shakira or Enrique Iglesias are really saying?! It´s a perfect way to be more in tune with Latin culture, songs, and living La Vida Loca (I couldn’t help including the last bit)

5)      Scientists have proven that speaking more than one language can help the brain fight off dementia. Speaking another language taps into other areas of the brain – keeping the mind active and challenged is the key. Now that´s brain power.

6)      Knowing how to order more than just a cerveza or margarita at the local Mexican restaurant. You can impress the waiter, while also practicing your new Spanish skills.

7)      Spanish is one of the easier languages to learn, as both English and Spanish have similar shared vocabulary with Latin origins.  Sometimes it really possible to just add an “o!” (Huge disclaimer…this does not always work!) Plus, once you learn one romance language – Italian, French, and Portuguese will be easier to learn!

8)      Make new friends! No longer will a language barrier stop you from meeting new people, whether it´s in your own country or traveling. This also includes helping out that lost traveler in your city, since you know exactly what that it feels like!

9)      Know when people are talking about you! Maybe it´s good or bad, but understanding others – especially when you look like a gringo, makes life more interesting!

10)   It´s fun!  I mean, who doesn´t want to sound like Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem or Antonio Banderas?

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