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Here at Expanish, we are big fans of these medialunas! Everytime we order them, they are gone in the twinkling of an eye! If you’re looking for really sweet, moist medialunas, covered with a delicious layer of syrup, you need to try them out!

Was founded in 1993 and since then, it has opened many branches around the city, but mostly in the downtown area. If you’re studying at Expanish you have no valid excuses to miss them! So check out their website and see what the closest Alimentari is for you.

Diagonal Norte 892, Microcentro / T 4325-4488

Bruno Gillot and Olivier Hanocq are two French chefs that landed in Argentina in 1997 and founded this bakery characterized for its heavenly good breads, croissants and chocolate crunches among other much delicious stuff.  They come out from a brick oven that dates back from 1911, so it’s one of the oldest in Buenos Aires. If you like to watch cooking shows, you can watch these magnificent and skillful chefs at their program Bon appètit on El Gourmet channel.

Montevideo 1567, Recoleta / T 4812-1390

Dos Escudos

Famous for its vigilantes and thin white bread sandwiches, you can also find in this traditional bakery one of the best medialunas: sweet on the surface, with a salty touch inside. You can get them to go or stay inside and relax. These medialunas match perfectly a big café con leche! Totally recommended.

Juncal 905, Retiro / 4327-0135
Montevideo 1690, Barrio Norte / T 4812-2517

At this chic deli, the patisserie is not only beautifully presented but also very tasty. The croissants are no exception, they delight with every bite. You can buy them to go or enjoy sitting down at their nice terrace.

Nicaragua 6044, Palermo / T 4772-6420

El Galeón

Good, buttery medialunas need three requirements: they have to be fluffy inside, crispy on the outside, with the right amount of sweetness. And those of El Galeón, definitely comply with all these conditions.

Santa Fe Avenue esq. Gurruchaga, Palermo / T 4831-0544

Los Molinos

From the same owners of Dos Escudos, this bakery calls itself – with good reason – ‘The Medialunas’ Expertise.” They are prepared with quality ingredients and it’s a classic of Buenos Aires, located in a very beautiful neighborhood. What a perfect excuse to eat medialunas while walking around the city!

Avenida Las Heras 3014, Barrio Norte / T 4805-4329

Apart from being a really big cafeteria, Domani has excellent medialunas, served together with many options and merienda menus.  You decide whether to share them or not, but it’s definitely a must!

Jerónimo Salguero and Castex, Palermo / T 4807-5288 / 5388