Ditch Winter: Spanish in Argentina’s Summertime

So it’s snowing again and you can’t feel your toes if only you could escape the bleak dreariness of winter for warmer temperatures. Well lucky for you, you can do so and make the most out of it by learning a new language! While it may be snowing where you are in the northern hemisphere, Buenos Aires is enjoying the warm, sunny days of summertime making it the perfect destination to learn Spanish this time of year.


So if you’re not dreaming of a white Christmas but rather a sun-soaked adventure, it’s time you ditch winter and study abroad during Argentina’s summertime.

What is Argentina like during the summer? What is there to do?

Buenos Aires in the summertime is unlike anywhere else. The hot, sticky days give way to warm summer nights where porteños everywhere are out enjoying the evening, sipping wine at sidewalk cafes, or hosting asados with friends. You can spend your days picnicking in the park, kayaking on the river, or riding bikes throughout the city, then head out on the town once the sun sets.

If you’re looking to travel throughout the country while studying Spanish in Argentina, this is the perfect time to do so. The famous terrain of Patagonia in the south of the country is typically very cold year round. However, visiting Patagonia in the summer offers you dry, balmy days where you can make the most of the natural beauty and participate in outdoor sports, trekking, horseback riding, or sightseeing.

If you opt to stay in the city during December or January, you’ll be treated to quieter streets and less crowded subways as a majority of locals tend to vacation out of town during these months to escape the heat. Locals will flock to nearby beach resorts like Punta del Este in Uruguay or Mar del Plata in the south of the province.  It’s not a bad idea to follow their lead and make your own beach getaway; the pristine beaches of Uruguay are just a quick ferry ride away.

Study Spanish in Argentina in the summertime! A sunny Christmas?

One of the best reasons to study Spanish in Buenos Aires during this time of year is the opportunity to experience the holiday season in the summer. Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years’ fall in the peak of the summer when it’s typically very hot and humid (I mean very hot, last New Year’s Eve I sweated off all my makeup before I even made it to the party).  So during the holidays, you can trade in those cozy sweaters and hot chocolate for swimsuits and sunscreen.

Argentine holiday traditions also reflect the warm weather during this time of year. For example, families gather on Christmas Eve to celebrate the holiday with asados and gift exchanges. Around midnight, people will take to the streets to light fireworks off throughout the city before the younger family members head out to meet their friends at bars or nightclubs to dance until dawn. Who knew that Christmas would be one of the biggest club nights of the year in Buenos Aires?!

While you may be nostalgic for chilly temperatures during the holidays, the Argentine celebrations will have you wanting to head down south year after year. You can’t really beat sipping an ice-cold cocktail by the pool on a warm Christmas Day while your friends back home are shoveling snow!

Where do I study Spanish in Argentina?

So if you hate the cold or just want to feel your toes again, make the most out of your study abroad trip and study in Buenos Aires during the summertime. Escaping the cold dreary days of winter while learning Spanish at Expanish Spanish School really is a win-win situation.

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