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Spend The Summer Learning In Buenos Aires

In January and February, while many porteños (Buenos Aires locals) vacation on the coasts of Argentina and Uruguay, the city opens up for everyone else. The sprawling green parks and weekly craft fairs are far more accessible, and meeting a friend for a drink is just that much more refreshing after a long summer’s day. This is why many students choose to study Spanish in Argentina during this relaxing summer season.

Along with the most impressive urban sprawl in Latin America, Buenos Aires is strewn with expansive green parks and gardens, giving it a relaxed feel. These open areas and green-getaways can be a necessity on sun-drenched summer days. Buenos Aires is a perfect summer-destination because of this diversity in its metropolitan center. So whether you frequent a café in the upscale, riverside neighborhood of Puerto Madero, escape to the grassy banks of El Tigre, or meet friends for a drink in a shady plaza after class, now is the best time to enjoy Argentina’s beautiful summer weather during the day and famous nightlife when the sun goes down.

Palermo, Buenos Aires’ greenest neighborhood, is home to one of the largest Japanese Gardens in the world. Inspired by the landscape of Zen gardens typically found at the main entrance of temples, this 5-acre park is a fine example of the relaxing getaways in Buenos Aires. Similar parks and plazas can be found throughout the city. So while the traffic calms down for this high-vacation season, it is a great time to study Spanish in Buenos Aires and enjoy all that the city has to offer. Expanish has quality immersion programs at student-focused prices, so visit our website to learn more and customize your own Spanish immersion adventure in Buenos Aires!