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The most common conclusion when thinking of weather in Buenos Aires is to assume that because of its South American location, the weather is almost always warm and humid, a subtropical city in a subtropical country. However, this is not true!  Buenos Aires has all 4 seasons, hot and cold, dry and wet, and if you are living abroad in Argentina, it is best to know what to expect and when!

Summer in Buenos Aires is hot hot hot and humid!  This is a time when the city is hot all day long and all night, the sun shines day after day and summer is in full force.  Sometimes difficult to manage, overall, the city continues on with people enjoying the sun outside at the local parks, enjoy cool drinks late into the night, and take advantage of a siesta, a habit not common in Buenos Aires.

Fall is a lovely time in the city, with warm days, occasional rain, and cool comfortable nights. This is the rainy season but even so, the sun peaks through most days.

Winter is cool in Buenos Aires, the temperature falling to around 1-3 degrees at night and up to 8-13 degrees in the day. The air is humid, therefore making the climate feel cooler than it is, however, Buenos Aires does have the luxury of heat spells, and more than a few times throughout the winter, the climate warms up, 18-21 degrees!

Similar to Fall, Spring is sunny and wet with warm days, cool nights and an average temperature of 15-22 degrees. Again, like Spring, one of the best times in Buenos Aires.

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