Expanish offers a variety of school activities throughout Buenos Aires each week in order to maximize your experience and immersion into Argentine culture.

Students doing a tour of La Boca neighbourhood in Buenos Aires

Free and Low-Cost Weekly School Activities in Buenos Aires

We offer a variety of in-school and after school activities that take place at Expanish and throughout Buenos Aires. Expanish is serving you a well-rounded experience with:

Social Activities: Plenty of opportunities to meet new people at student dinners, parties, and other social events organized by Expanish.
Sports Activities: Numerous athletic activities including fútbol and bike tours to keep you active in Buenos Aires.
Cultural Activities: Tango classes, mate tastings, and historical tours are some of the ways that we provide a true immersive experience into Argentine culture.

Activities Quick Facts

  • Every week there are at least 3 free activities available to students
  • Additional low-cost activities are also offered
  • Activity schedules vary throughout the year and are finalized a month in advance
  • Students sign up for activities after arrival at the school
  • Activities all week long, including Saturdays and Sundays
  • All activities are optional

Example Activities in Buenos Aires

All of the activities are selected in order to offer students the opportunity not only to enjoy Buenos Aires and learn about Argentine culture, but also to practice their Spanish outside of the classroom and create lasting friendships with students from all over the world. We also offer low-cost activities, so there are plenty of ways to get out and explore the city with new friends.

To give you an idea of all the activities that can happen in one week, we have put together an example schedule:


  • Morning: Spanish Classes
  • Evening: Walking tour to La Boca (free)


  • Morning: Spanish Classes
  • Evening: Tango Class (free)


  • Morning: Spanish Classes
  • Evening: Cooking Class (low cost)


  • Morning: Spanish Classes
  • Evening: Discovering Mate (free)


  • Morning: Spanish Classes
  • Evening: Wine Tasting (low cost)


  • Morning: Spanish Classes
  • Evening: Estancia (Argentine Ranch) Day (Low Cost)

Still wanting to know how else you can get involved in the Expanish atmosphere?

Our students can enjoy the following classes.

  • Tango Class: Teacher-led tango class at the Expanish facility or at a dance studio nearby.
  • La Boca Walking Tour: A walking tour of the La Boca neighborhood accompanied by a Spanish teacher.
  • Mate Tasting: A class about the history and culture of mate (Argentine herbal tea) where students will be taught how to prepare it.
  • Chocotorta Cooking Class: Cooking class where students learn how to make chocotorta, a typical chocolate cake.
  • Tigre Tour: Take a group tour to the nearby town of Tigre and explore the surrounding Paraná River delta.
  • Argentine History Workshop: A short class and tour related to the dictatorship in Buenos Aires where students visit the Madres de Plaza de Mayo.
  • Puerto Madero Walking Tour: A group walking tour to the newest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero.
  • Salsa Class: Take a group salsa class with our salsa teacher at the Expanish facility or a dance studio nearby.
  • Estancia Day: Visit a ranch outside the city to ride horses and enjoy a barbecue.

Low-Cost Activity Add-Ons

Add on any of the following traditional Argentine experiences for a small fee.

  • Soccer (Fútbol) Game
  • Estancia Day
  • Argentine Cooking Class
  • Tango Show
  • Wine Tasting
  • Bike Tour
  • Graffiti Tour
  • Group Salsa Lesson

If you are looking to explore further outside of the city, check out our excursions.

Student Benefit Card

When you book a program with Expanish, you will receive a Student Benefit Card. Use it for additional discounts on activities and excursions around the city, such as cultural dining and graffiti tours. Simply let them know you are an Expanish Spanish student and start receiving special prices! The Student Benefit Card is also good for discounts at coffee shops, restaurants, and stores around Buenos Aires.