Our Combination Course is great for learning Spanish in a small group setting and enjoying private lessons to focus on your specific needs.

What is a Combination Course?

A combination course allows you to take advantage of the unique benefits of both group and private courses in Buenos Aires and to design a complete Spanish study program that works best for your goals. Choose between 10, 6, or 4 One-to-One lessons to accompany the popular Intensive Spanish 20 course. You will have the opportunity to not only encourage interaction and communication skills in a group environment but also benefit from the undivided attention and personalized feedback that is only possible in a one-to-one environment.

Who Should Take a Combination Course?

The course is best for those who are ready for an intensive schedule and who want to advance more rapidly and effectively through the Spanish-language curriculum. You can add 4 hours, 6 hours, or even 10 hours of One-to-One lessons to create a unique program and take advantage of a bundle deal. If you want the fun and social aspect of group lessons plus a few days of individual attention from a teacher to go over exactly what you want to learn/practice, then the combination of group and private Spanish courses in Buenos Aires is perfect for you. Many students who want to be involved in our most popular group course but feel as though they may want to progress faster or they have trouble learning in certain areas benefit greatly from just a few extra hours per week in one-to-one lessons.

What to Expect in the Classroom

You will participate in the small group lessons of the Intensive Spanish 20 program each morning, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 12:50 pm. During that time, you work on level-specific skills and topics alongside your peers who are in the same Spanish level. The group interaction provides a fun and motivational environment while learning the four core language skills (writing, reading, speaking, and listening).

Then you will have 2 to 5 afternoons of One-to-One lessons, depending on which combination bundle deal you decided on. Lessons could be scheduled either from 2 pm to 4 pm or from 4pm to 6pm. You can pick the afternoons that work best for you if you book in advance, so that you can plan exciting activities around Buenos Aires during the other afternoons!

Rapid Progression

Group and private Spanish courses in Buenos Aires gives you the flexibility to focus on the concepts that you are most interested in and to move at your own pace. The best part of a combination course is the rapid progression you will see when combining group and individual Spanish lessons at our school. It is a true immersion program with the opportunity to customize your level of understanding and build confidence with oral communication.

Sample Week Chart

Writing Prompts
Oral Practice
Multimedia Visuals
Puerto Madero Tour
Mock Interactions
Verbs + Vocabulary
MALBA Museum
Graffiti Tour
Polo Game

What’s Included

  • Welcome pack
  • Spanish Course Book
  • A selection of immersion activities
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Academic activities
  • Benefit card
  • Orientation
  • City Center Tour
  • WiFi and Computers with Internet Access

Quick Facts

  • Program: 20 hours of group classes + 4, 6 or 10 hours of private classes per week
  • Start dates: Every Monday
  • Spanish level: From Beginner to Advanced
  • Duration: Minimum 1 week
  • Average group size: 6 People
  • Schedule: 9am to 12:50pm for group classes and private classes are arranged during the afternoon between 2pm and 5:50pm
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