Internship In Barcelona

Travel to Spain to learn Spanish and gain work experience at the same time

Expanish offers high-performance professional internships in companies and non-profit organizations for those interested in learning Spanish in a total immersion experience. Doing an Internship in Barcelona will open the doors to the real world, will allow you to improve your resume and international career and will be an unforgettable boost to your career.

In a globalized world, in addition to professional experience it is invaluable to add intercultural experience to the profile of the student. Expanish understands this and offers the possibility of adding these experiences in cosmopolitan Barcelona with internships in various sectors, according to the objectives of each profession. If you want to take a long leap in your life, an Internship in Barcelona is your best option!

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Internships in Barcelona Quickfacts

Program Duration: 5 to 24 weeks

Lessons per week: 20 Spanish lessons before starting the internship

Schedule: 20 Spanish lessons before starting the internship + Part/Full Time Internship

Class Size: 12 students maximum in Spanish classes

Language of the Internship: English or Spanish. B1 level required in the intern language

Start Date: Every Monday

What's included: 20 group Spanish Lessons, Spanish course book, Full/Part Time Internship, Accommodation as selected, Immersion Activities, Airport Transfer, 24/7 emergency support, On-Site orientation, private airport transfer service, Welcome pack with Transportation Card and SIM Card, Registration Fee.

Internship In Barcelona
Internship in Barcelona
Internship in Barcelona

Sample Placement Sites

All programs are in high-performing business and non-profit organizations, in Spanish and International entities, small and medium-sized with Spanish/English speaking offices. As an intern, the objective is to combine your professional profile with the goals and projects of your company placement. Here are some general descriptions to provide an idea of possibilities.

  • Business: A community organization whose objective is to inspire, connect and support startups and ventures in Barcelona.
  • Art and Design: A design company that creates custom pieces using the work of local artists.
  • Education: Non-profit organization that uses environmental education to promote the social inclusion of people with mental disabilities.
  • Journalism: English reporting with daily and weekly online publications covering news throughout Europe.
  • Marketing: A product export company that sells local products to international markets through local initiatives and online marketing campaigns.
  • Non-Profit: A foundation that investigates respiratory diseases that affect children in Europe, such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and influenza; An organization focused on research and promotion of women’s reproductive rights in Spain.
  • Music: A licensing company for musicians in online platforms.
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The core benefits of practicing Spanish in a real-life environment

Before beginning the internship, you will take a week of Spanish classes in Expanish to have a period of adaptation to the language and local accent, as well as meet other students from around the world before you work and travel in Spain. Then the greatest adventure begins: working in a real office setting.

The opportunity to work in Spanish is a heart-racing challenge crafted for those interested in taking a leap in their professional career. As an intern, you will participate in interesting projects as these real-life situations test your Spanish knowledge and job skills. It’s a unique professional experience that will enrich your character and make a great addition to your CV.

The Academic Team

Alex Palau


Paula Cerderia

Academic Director

Rosa Rodriguez


FAQ about Internships in Barcelona

What is the Internship Placement Process?

1. Intern sends application with the following documents: Application Form, CV with photo, Cover Letter, Passport Copy.
2. Expanish staff conducts an informational phone call to better understand applicant’s goals for the program.
3. Expanish will send up to three (3) placement sites with companies in sectors the applicant selects from.
4. The applicant and site supervisor(s) conduct a phone/Skype interview.
5. Expanish receives feedback from both the supervisor(s) and applicant after the interview(s).
6. Applicant receives their offer letter from Expanish and have 1 week to accept or reject the offer.
7. Both parties sign a commitment letter.

Do I get to choose the company where I intern?

You will choose the career field and set up on 1-3 interviews, so ultimately, you will decide where is the best fit for you.

How long in advantage should I begin the process?

We recommend you begin the process at least 3 months before you would like to start the internship to receive a 100% confirm placement site 1 month prior to arrival (placement process typically last 2 months)

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