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Internship Buenos Aires

Do you want to work and travel in Argentina and learn Spanish at the time?

Expanish offers high-performance internships at businesses and organizations in all areas of the city. This way, you can have an internship in Buenos Aires while learning Spanish at the same time. This experience will open doors to the real world, improve your resume/CV, and will be an unforgettable jumpstart to your career, while allowing you to work and travel in Argentina.

In addition to professional experience, it is invaluable to add intercultural experience to your portfolio in this globalized world. Expanish understands this and offers students a chance to undertake such professional development experiences in various sectors in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires. If you want to learn Spanish while completing an internship in Buenos Aires, this program is for you.

Program: 1 week of Spanish classes before beginning the internship + Interning part time or full time

Duration: From 4 to 24 weeks. Number of weeks can vary depending on internship.

Language of the Internship: English or Spanish

Start Dates: Every Monday

Internship Buenos Aires
Internship Buenos Aires

Work and travel in Buenos Aires in the following sectors.


Business interns will learn all about business administration and management. If you are a business, economics, or finance student, completing an internship in the private sector will allow you to apply your knowledge to real life business situations.


If you are a law student and want to experience interning and learning Spanish, in Expanish we have established connections with a variety of law firms in Buenos Aires that will give you a first-hand look in to the world of law. Law interns are able to gain knowledge of the Argentine legal system, allowing them to apply principles learned here towards their future studies and careers.


In Expanish, we have many marketing internship options. Some of the day-to-day tasks include: social media management, communication with press agencies, monitoring of graphic media (clipping), writing newsletters, and organizing events, among others.

Non-Profit Sector

Provide assistance in a non-profit organization and practice your Spanish while working towards a good cause. Among the projects you can get involved with are assisting in a children’s home, helping the elderly, teaching English, and more.

Art & Design

If you are looking to intern and learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, and are interested in art, we have an established network of arts businesses, galleries, and design firms where you can gain work experience in the field you love.


Become an environmental conservation intern and increase your knowledge and gain real-world work experience in the field of conservation.


For communication and journalism students, there is a diverse network of radio stations, newspapers, and other media focused businesses we work with to enhance your experience in Buenos Aires through a valuable journalism internship.


If you are looking for an internship in the medical field and want to practice your Spanish, we have a highly recommended range of healthcare internship opportunity to enhance your Spanish in a challenging environment. Come to Buenos Aires and gain professional experience in some of the best hospitals in the country.


At Expanish, we are in contact with various tour companies, hotels, and tourism agencies that allow their interns to explore tourist spots in Argentina and get to know the city better, as well as help travellers in search of advice or tips about the city. Practice your Spanish while getting to know every nook and cranny of Buenos Aires.


As an engineering intern in Buenos Aires, you will be able to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world work environment in an engineering sector, under the supervision of your mentor.

Information Technology

We have a range of developers, IT companies, and online companies that provide an excellent and challenging work environment for interns to learn about and immerse themselves into the IT field.


You could help at a school or in another educational institution or organization by teaching classes, planning lessons, and learning through experience the basics about classroom management and teaching dynamics.

Sample Week

9:00 AM
1st group module
10:50 AM
2nd group module
12:00 PM
3rd group module
12:50 PM
02:00 PM
Application Process

1: Internship Program Requirements

  • Age – 18 years or older
  • Professional Experience – None required
  • Language – Proficient in Spanish or English (B1 or higher)
  • Documents – Application form, CV, cover letter and passport copy

2: Internship Placement Process

  1. Intern sends application with the following documents: Application Form, CV, Cover Letter, and Passport Copy.
  2. Expanish conducts an informational phone call to better understand applicant’s goals for the program.
  3. Expanish will organize up to three placement interviews with companies in sectors the applicant expressed interest in.
  4. The applicant and site supervisor(s) conduct a phone/Skype interview.
  5. Expanish receives feedback from both the supervisor(s) and applicant after the interview(s).
  6. Applicant receives their offer letter from Expanish and have 1 week to accept or reject the offer.

3: Application Timeline

We recommend starting the application process 12 weeks before arrival to Argentina. This allows for a complete internship site selection process and for interns to have the chance to interview with multiple sites. If you need the process expedited, we can work with your schedule.

  • 12 weeks prior to internship start – Expanish receives student applications
  • 11 weeks prior to internship start – Expanish schedules phone calls with applicants
  • 10 weeks prior to internship start – Expanish conducts phone calls with applicants
  • 9 weeks prior to internship start – Expanish selects and organizes interview with companies based on student preferences
  • 7-8 weeks prior to internship start – Interviews take place
  • 6 weeks prior to internship start – Expanish receives feedback from student and supervisors
  • 5 weeks prior to internship start – Students receive placement offer
  • 4 weeks prior to internship start – Both parties sign commitment letter
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