Internship Buenos Aires

Do you want to work and learn Spanish in Argentina at the same time?

Expanish offers high-performance internships at businesses and organizations in all areas of the city. This way, you can have an Internship in Buenos Aires while learning Spanish at the same time.

In addition to professional experience, it is invaluable to add intercultural experience to your portfolio in this globalized world. Expanish understands this and offers students a chance to undertake such professional development experiences in various sectors in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires. If you want to learn Spanish while completing an Internship in Buenos Aires, this program is for you!

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Quick Facts Internships Program

Lessons per week: 20 Spanish lessons before starting the internship

Lessons length: 50 minutes

Program Duration: 5 to 24 weeks

Schedule: 20 Spanish lessons before starting the internship + Part/Full Time Internship

Language of the Internship: English or Spanish. B1 level required in the intern language.

Class Size: 12 students maximum in Spanish classes

Start Date: Every Monday

What`s included: 20 Spanish lessons, Spanish course book, Accommodation as selected with corresponding meals, Immersion Activities, Private Airport Transfer Service, On-site Orientation, Welcome Pack with Transportation Card and SIM Card, 24/7 emergency support, Registration Fee.

Internship areas: Business, Law, Marketing, Non Profit, Art and Design, Conservation, Journalism, Medicine, Tourism, Engineering, IT, Education.

internship in buenos aires
Internship Buenos Aires
internship buenos aires
Why to do an Internship in Buenos Aires?

This experience will open doors to the real world, improve your resume/CV, and will be an unforgettable jumpstart to your career, while allowing you to work and travel in Argentina. As an interns, you will be placed in a full or part-time customized internship placement in the professional area of their choice. You will be provided with meaningful work that aligns with your professional goals and develops desired skills. In addition to this, you are going to live a complete immersion experience in Buenos Aires and have the opportunity to learn Spanish in our school and in real situations.

Interns will receive a comprehensive on-site orientation about Buenos Aires, work culture, health and safety as well as general tips for life in the city. During the program Expanish staff complete initial, mid-program and final evaluations with the intern and site supervisor to assure a positive experience.

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Find the Internship Area in Which you Would Like to Apply

  • Business : Community led organization whose objective is to inspire, connect and support startups and entrepreneurship in Buenos Aires.
  • Art and Design : Design company that creates customized design pieces using work from local artists.
  • Education : Nonprofit that uses environmental education to encourage social inclusion of mentally disabled individuals.
  • IT : Web design company that creates websites for political parties and grass root campaigns all over the world.
  • Journalism: English-language publication with daily and weekly papers  directed toward the expat community in Buenos Aires.
  • Marketing : Wine export company selling local products to international markets through local initiatives and online marketing campaigns.
  • Medicine: Foundation that researches respiratory diseases affecting children in Latin America such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and the flu.
  • Non-Profit : Non-profit focusing on research and promotion of women’s reproductive rights in Argentina.
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The complete package: what type of accommodation do you prefer?

For this program, students can choose different options which include the type of accommodation they prefer. Interns can choose from 4 housing options, depending on the living experience they would prefer. All housing includes free Wi-Fi, sheets and towels, and are located at a maximum distance of 40` to Expanish and their Internship site.

Housing OptionRoom TypeMealsIndependenceImmersion Level
Shared ApartmentSingle RoomSelf-CateringHighHigh
HomestaySingle RoomHalfboardLowVery High
Student Residence in San TelmoTwin RoomBreakfast (M-F)MediumMedium
Private ApartmentStudio Apt.Self-CateringVery HighLow

– Program Includes: 1 week of Intensive Spanish 20 + full or part-time, internship placement for the remaining weeks + accommodation as selected with corresponding meals + cultural activities + on-site orientation + registration fee
– Placement Fee without a package: U$S 590 (note including minimum 1 week Spanish classes)
– Other durations possible, please consult for prices

The Academic Staff

Gabriel Aragona

Academic Director

Gisela Carreras


Ángeles Adaniya

FAQ Internship Buenos Aires Program

What is the Internship Placement Process?

  1. Intern sends application with the following documents: Application Form, CV with photo, Cover Letter, Passport Copy.
  2. Expanish staff conducts an informational phone call to better understand applicant’s goals for the program.
  3. Expanish will send up to three (3) placement sites with companies in sectors the applicant selects from.
  4. The applicant and site supervisor(s) conduct a phone/Skype interview.
  5. Expanish receives feedback from both the supervisor(s) and applicant after the interview(s).
  6. Applicant receives their offer letter from Expanish and have 1 week to accept or reject the offer.
  7. Both parties sign a commitment letter.

Do I get to choose the company where I intern?

You will choose the career field and set up on 1-3 interviews, so ultimately, you will decide where is the best fit for you.

How long in advantage should I begin the process?

We recommend you begin the process at least 3 months before you would like to start the internship to receive a 100% confirm placement site 1 month prior to arrival (placement process typically last 2 months)

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