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Our Academic Team

Gabriel Aragona
Academic Director

Gabriel was born in Buenos Aires and graduated as a Professor of Spanish, Literature and Latin at the Instituto de Educacion Superior N. 1 Alicia Moreau de Justo. He specialized in the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language and made different courses, including the International House Certificate For the teaching of ELE, he worked as a Spanish and Literature teacher, and is the current Expanish Academic Director, he loves to teach his language and culture to the students of the school, and he is currently doing a teaching neuroscience course in the Education Association.

Milva Santa Cruz
Student Services Coordinator

Born in Buenos Aires, Milva graduated from the Universidad del Museo Social Argentino as a trained interpreter and a literary translator. Travelling is her passion. She’s been to Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, USA, and many cities in Europe. She speaks English, Spanish and Argentine Sign Language – she loves communicating! In her role at Expanish, she serves as the student services coordinator, helping students with their everyday questions, and organizing their activities. In her spare time, she enjoys musicals, theatre and spending time with her family.

Ángeles Adaniya

Ángeles has been teaching Spanish for more than 25 years. She has ELE training, through the International House certificate (IHC). Her passion for teaching her language and culture begins when she travels to Japan to study international relations. She is a member of “InterNations Buenos Aires”, an expatriate community, where she participates in different activities that connect Argentine culture with the rest of the world. Currently, she is studying Hebrew at a distance at Israel’s Biblical Studies Institute.

Gisela Carreras

Gisela Carreras was born in Buenos Aires. She is a teacher specialized in teaching Spanish as a second language. To this end, she trained at the Ortega y Gasset Foundation and the Cervantes Institute. She has been teaching Spanish for twelve years and also participates in the DELE exams as an examiner. She has students of all nationalities and loves to know the world through them.

Antonia Iorio

Antonia was born in Buenos Aires. She is porteña and has dual citizenship: Argentinian and Italian. She lived three years in England and one year in Canada. She loves interacting with foreigners and transmitting the richness of the Spanish language. In her spare time, she paints, makes crafts and goes to the gym.

Gabriela Girolami

Gabriela graduated as Professor of Language and Literature in Tandil, the city where she was born. In 2015 he moved to Buenos Aires and since then she has worked at Expanish. She loves meeting people from all over the world and teaching his language. For that, he made part of his training in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language in FLACSO, where she also took his postgraduate course in Creative Writing. In 2016 she made a dream come true, she did the Spanish language route in Spain.

Rosana Alessandro

Rosana was born in Buenos Aires, she is a teacher at the Initial Level, and in 2004 she discovered the beautiful task of teaching the Spanish to foreigners. She participated in many courses and also did the Training Program in Teaching Spanish as a Second and Foreign Language – UBA, and he took the Postgraduate Course “Interculturality and Teaching of Spanish as a Second Language” and Foreign “(IELSE)”

Sol Monti

Sol is originally from Buenos Aires. She has a degree as Literary and Technical-scientific Translator of English and has extensive experience in her profession. In addition, she also took part at course of Pedagogy and Teaching English language and has experience teaching at different levels of Spanish. In his spare time, she enjoys reading newspapers and literary works and practices acrobatics and circus shows.

Sonia Herskovits

Sonia was born in Buenos Aires and she is specialized in teaching Spanish to foreigners. She studied Communication Sciences in the UBA and Journalism in TEA. She also speaks English and enjoys her free time practicing stand up, an area in which she also trained with experts.

Sofia Castella
Sofia Castellá

Sofia has a degree in literature from the University of Buenos Aires, where she specialized in Argentine and Latin American literature. She speaks English and Portuguese, and loves traveling to learn and practice different languages. She has worked and taken refresher courses in the United States. She teaches Spanish for foreigners and is currently doing a specialization course at ELSE in the UBA.