Current promotions and special discounts

On this page you can find out most recent promotions and discounts to attend Expanish, given as they change month to month, you might find the perfect discount or promotion for your language learning adventure. These discounts are available year round, and given that they change, the best way to find the one that fits you is to sign up to our mailing list, that way you can always know what promotions we are offering! This way you will never miss out on our awesome promotions and discounts that will enable you learn at Expanish.

We know that our students come from all over the world, and have a wide array of life experiences. For this reason, we have created promotions and discounts that are as diverse as our student body.

Groups, grants & scholarships

Some of our discounts might be available for specific courses, nationalities, or past experiences, which is why you should always be attentive to this page! We also offer promotions for large groups, and alumni, and can be applied to anything from courses to lodging.

Special promotions are also offered on our regular site for students interested in programs such as CSN and Buldingsurlab, which provide the opportunity to receive grants and scholarships through the government. If you are a returning student, we also offer discounts for your second time studying with us.

If you are interested in coming as a group, write to us at You can also sign up for our newsletter! If you want to take advantage of one of the promotions listed below, complete the formula below with the promo code, and we will reach out to you shortly!