Spanish Teaching Methods In Buenos Aires

The communicative approach

At Expanish we employ the Communicative Method of teaching, which emphasizes the constant use of the Spanish language to advance in all areas of language improvement.  Students are encouraged to speak and interact with the professor and each other as much as possible in the classroom to utilize the language in a variety of contexts. Classroom topics of study and exploration include Argentine culture, current affairs, sports, art, dance, business, and human rights, among others. Our Spanish Teaching Methods in Buenos Aires and our professors are dedicated to the language advancement of each and every student while providing a comfortable and collegial atmosphere to learn

The Four Keys Language Skills

Expanish Spanish classes focus on the development of the four key language skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening. The four skills are addressed through a variety of exercises, practical applications, small group activities, class discussions, and multimedia interactions. This integral Spanish Teaching Methods in Buenos Aires is the most complete way to gain proficiency in the language by helping students capitalize on all areas of language development through usage rather than memorization.

Linguistic Progression

Below is a chart representing the levels of Spanish acquisition from A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Master of Proficiency) along with the number of weeks needed to progress to each subsequent level as determined by the level in which the student is initially placed. At each level we maintain a flexible approach to adapt the classroom dynamic to meet the needs and abilities of the student group. The speed of advancement is determined by group to maximize language acquisition in the time allotted to allow for the most efficient progression to the next level.

  • C2 – Master of Proficiency Student is able to easily understand practically everything he/she hears or reads; knows how to reconstruct information and arguments from various sources and present them in a coherent and summarized way.
  • C1 – Advanced Student is able to understand complex texts and recognize implicit meanings. Student can make effective use of the language for social, academic and professional purposes; can produce clear, well-structured and detailed texts on complex topics.
  • B2 – Upper Intermediate Student is able to understand the main ideas of complex texts; can produce clear and detailed texts on various topics as well as defend a point of view on general topics by indicating the pros and cons.
  • B1 – Intermediate Student is able to understand the main points of basic texts in standard language; is capable of producing simple and coherent texts. Student knows how to handle most situations that may arise during a trip.
  • A2 – Elementary Student can communicate during simple and daily tasks with simple and direct exchanges of information on issues that are well-known or habitual. Student can describe his/her past, physical surroundings, and immediate needs in simple terms.
  • A1 – Beginner Student is able to understand and articulate frequently used everyday expressions as well as simple phrases designed to satisfy immediate needs.
Linguistic Progression

The Complete Immersion Experience

We strongly believe that learning Spanish while living in a Spanish-speaking country is the best way to achieve a true understanding of and proficiency in the Spanish language. The more you fully immerse yourself in the language by practicing speaking and listening in real-life situations, the faster you will develop confidence in your new language skills.

To facilitate students using Spanish outside of class, we offer the following:

  • Interactive program activities throughout the week;
  • Class excursions to locales around the city such as traditional cafés, museums, and historic sights that complement class material;
  • Accommodations with Spanish-speaking families or shared accommodations with Spanish speakers;
  • Regular homework to ensure that students are practicing and using new vocabulary and grammar skills

You will find that the optimal way to maximize learning development during your time in Buenos Aires is through speaking to classmates, homestay families, and locals as much as possible, as well as reading news articles and books, and listening to materials of interest such as online videos, television shows, podcasts, and the radio.

Small classes and Framework

Students learn better when they feel confident and comfortable, which is why we offer small group classes consisting of an average of 6 students. Our small classes allow for more personalized attention in a relaxed and comfortable environment which enables the students to feel confident when practicing Spanish aloud.

All of our programs are aligned with and based on the Cervantes Institute. The curriculum and teaching plans are framed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Professional Teachers

We pride ourselves on recruiting only the best Spanish teachers in Buenos Aires to ensure top quality training and instruction. All of our teachers are not only native Spanish speakers but also dynamic, professional and passionate about what they teach. Our goal is to ensure that you advance in your Spanish skills to the highest possible level in the shortest time available. Our professors provide ongoing support and guidance to meet this goal and provide constant feedback as you progress.

Teacher-Created Materials

Our very own professors and academic support team have designed the educational materials page-by-page with the student as the centralized focus. We are proud to offer materials that incorporate lessons from everyday situations in Latin American countries while also including useful and fun Argentine slang so that you experience a dynamic approach to learning how to speak, read, write and understand Spanish.

We have materials specifically designed for each level: from A1 (Beginner) to C2 (Master of Proficiency). For each level our professors have prepared activities and in-class lessons as well as assessments and vocabulary sheets for extra practice. These stimulating and challenging materials are included in the price of your program, and perfect for taking with you to continue your studies as you travel or after returning home.