5 Reasons to take Private Spanish Lessons

Learning Spanish takes practice and dedication in the classroom. For many students, supplementing group classes with private lessons is an invaluable addition to their language development. If you’re curious whether or not one-to-one lessons are for you, consider the following ways private Spanish lessons can benefit your studies.

private spanish lessons personalized curriculum

1. Personalized Curriculum

Private Spanish lessons are tailored to fit the individual’s interests, needs and goals, allowing every student to excel in the areas they wish to develop. With unbeatable flexibility and individual customization, you’ll have the power to design your own goal-based curriculum.

Whether it be brushing up on verb conjugation, improving your speaking skills, or acquiring specific vocabulary, such as business or medical terms, private Spanish classes at Expanish give you the freedom to shape your own Spanish learning experience.

2. Learn at Your Own Pace and Schedule

Two of the greatest advantages of taking private lessons are schedule flexibility and personalized intensity level. This gives each student the ability to develop their language skills at their own pace, ensuring that they’ll be able to truly excel. Not every student benefits alone from a group lesson environment. Supplementing your group classes with one-to-one lessons allows you to work at your own pace, ask questions on specific material, and focus on skills where you may need to devote extra attention. Additionally, private lessons provide you with the extra challenge to further your language skills at a faster rate.

3. Ask Questions (and lots of them)

Have you ever felt like you’ve been left behind in the classroom, or perhaps you’re learning faster than the rest of the class? Don’t worry, whatever you’re feeling, we’ve all been there. Learning Spanish may be easier or more difficult for some people. Regardless of your ability, private Spanish lessons empower you to ask questions you may feel you can’t in a classroom environment.

With one-to-one lessons, you can ask all the questions you need to comprehend or go more in-depth on a concept you learned earlier in the classroom. Your instructor is there for your personal learning  and is willing to break down answers until you feel completely confident. When it comes to learning a new language, there truly are no dumb questions!

Individual Spanish Lessons

4. Perfect Your Speaking and Listening Skills

For most students learning a different language, developing confidence in speaking is intimidating and often the last step in the language learning process. Practicing your spoken Spanish in a private lesson makes many students feel a lot more comfortable and less pressured to not make mistakes. Conversational Spanish with a private instructor allows students to sharpen both their speaking and listening skills.

private spanish lessons specific vocabulary

Teachers work directly with you to correct your grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary errors, and provide specific feedback to drastically improve your conversational skills. So the next time you’re in a social situation or class environment you can speak with confidence.

5. Learn Specific Vocabulary Based On Your Needs

Every student has their own motivation for wanting to learn Spanish. Maybe you’re a business owner who wants to converse with more customers, or perhaps a medical professional who wants to connect with Spanish-speaking patients, or maybe a traveler who wants to navigate Spanish speaking countries more easily.  Private lessons allow you to concentrate on specific vocabulary that is applicable to your field and goals, become a more sought-after employee with your bilingual skills, or converse with locals in Argentina, Spain, and many other countries. Taking individual lessons can help get you speaking and understanding Spanish faster.

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