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It is a great time to be Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires as this September 20th starts the cities biggest art event, Semana del Arte, 2009 (Buenos Aires Art Week 2009).

For anyone who is working, living, or studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, you must be well aware of the cities passion for the arts.  From the architecture to city sculptures to the aesthetics of Buenos Aires, it is obvious that the arts have played and continue to play an important role in the character of Argentina’s capital. The city is creative in every way, from its murals to the design of its open spaces, and takes pride in its devotion to creative mind’s and thinker’s and celebrates all forms of art from Argentina, Latin America, and around the world.

Almost 100 galleries, museums, and cultural centres in Buenos Aires have been participating in Art Week for the past 6 years and once again this year the public will enjoy numerous guided visits, conferences, and both cultural and art activities, all free of charge.

Art week will take place in the neighbourhoods of Barrio Norte, Recoleta, Belgrano, Centro, Plaza San Martin, Palermo, Retiro, Puerto Madero, and San Telmo, and each evening will feature a different Gallery Night, circulating in one of these areas.

The public can enjoy various activities from performances, art exhibits, art conferences, art classes, workshops, live music, special guest presentations, and even an art lottery.

This event will kick off with two free concerts at the Obelisk in downtown Buenos Aires, starting at 4:00pm, bands featured are Voxpop – Acapella Band and Javier Malosetti -Electrohope.

For more information, check out the Semana del Arte 2009 website here.