The Best Spanish Language School is Right at Your Fingertips

When it comes to choosing a Spanish language school, many students are hesitant to confirm their purchase until they’ve researched their potential school, compared prices, read reviews, and made sure that they are making the best decision for their personal goals. Most people in the language school selection process want to make sure they are spending their money on the best program for them. But, how do you know what is the best option for a language school?

Best Spanish Language School

Compared to other language schools in both Argentina and Spain, Expanish offers the best program for its price. It’s true, you can find schools in both countries that offer cheaper prices, but what you can’t find is the same educational and professional standard that you would find here at Expanish. Let’s explore the reasons why our exceptional spanish language school beats the competition every time.

Comfortable Space Optimized for Maximum Learning

There’s nothing worse than trying to learn a new language in a school that doesn’t provide the absolute best for its atmosphere, its facilities, and its educational staff. Expanish believes that all students, no matter the language level, deserve the right to study Spanish in a program that guarantees all three. Our boutique schools in Buenos Aires and Barcelona offer a personalized touch for all of our students, as our academic staff are dedicated to knowing each student on a first name basis. We believe that going the extra mile with our students helps with their language learning journey and help them get the most out of their experience with us at Expanish.

Expanish Modern Facilities BAExpanish’s modern facilities provide the perfect learning experience for our students. Our classrooms are always equipped with full-screen tvs and whiteboards. We also provide the student with appropriate spacing, allowing collaboration with other students and teachers. We supply our own customized learning materials, which we distribute to our students in the Spanish school, Buenos Aires, free of charge, and to our students in Barcelona with a small, refundable deposit. Using our own materials means that our teachers are masters at the content created to improve student language learning. This also means that we are able to incorporate local vocabulary and culture into our classrooms not only through our professors but through our learning materials as well.

Not only does Expanish provide our own, personalized learning materials, but all of our teachers have university degrees and certifications to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language. This is a tremendous advantage for our students as our educational staff’s teaching experience and formal education meld together to provide the perfect Spanish learning experience. Not only do we encourage speaking only Spanish whilst in the school, our professors teach using the communicative method, meaning that from day one our students will be speaking Spanish. Our team of professors provide students with quality instruction, ensuring fast, meaningful learning inside the classroom that can be immediately applied outside the classroom in the city.

We also believe that smaller class sizes provide the best personalized learning experience for each student. Our average class size is around 6 students, this ensures that every student gets personalized attention from the teacher, leading to growth in their Spanish language journey and forming strong relationships with their professors. Students who feel more comfortable in their learning environment are able to completely interact with the language and other students without fear of judgement or criticism.

Take it to the streets and practice!

Here at Expanish, we believe that while 50% of the learning happens inside the classroom, the other 50% happens in our daily lives and in the interactions that take place on the street.

Expanish Iguazú Excursion

We also believe that simply studying Spanish abroad isn’t enough to understand the culture and the people of a country. That’s why we’ve incorporated weekly activities and specialized classes, such as Spanish & Tango in Buenos Aires and a cooking class in Barcelona. We provide weekly free activities for all of our students in which they can learn about the city as well as gain insight into the Spanish and Argentinian cultures.

Another important feature of a successful immersion program is the discovery of different destinations in the country. To encourage our students to understand a bit more about the history and culture of Argentina or Spain, we offer special excursions to different locations, such as Terragona in Spain or Cataratas de Iguazú in Argentina. These excursions offer our students the memory of a lifetime while enriching both their Spanish language and their understanding of the different cultures that lie outside of the city.

Internationally Recognized for Excellence in Teaching Spanish

Expanish is proud to say that we are one of only a few accredited Spanish language schools in both Buenos Aires and Barcelona to be internationally recognized by the best institutions of language-learning in the world. We have been accredited by the American Council of Foreign Languages as well as Bildungsurlaub, SEA-Asociación de Centros de Idiomas, and more for being a leader in the field of Spanish language schools. We can proudly say that we are here to serve our students and contribute to the higher education of learning the Spanish language. We believe that you can’t put a price on a worthwhile language learning experience, after all, it’s something you’ll be able to take with you for the rest of your life, long after you’ve left the country behind.

Our prices ensure that we are able to provide the best instructors and facilities, top-notch excursions, and internationally backed programs for our students. We provide a completely immersive program that allows our students to become a part of the Expanish family and learn about the culture and history of our cities and countries. Time and time again, our students have said that Expanish is more than just a Spanish language school, it is a program that allows its students to integrate into the Argentine or Spanish cultures, all while improving their Spanish and gaining an unforgettable experience.

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