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Learn To Eat Argentine Style

Anyone visiting Argentina will be able to enjoy the splendors of eating ‘Argentine style’. Argentines, in general, are heavy meat eaters, lovers of bread and wine, and regular consumers of pizza, pasta, and gelatto (sorbet like ice cream popularized in Italy). And those who come to study Spanish in Argentina with Expanish will have the first rate experience at trying and tasting the many delicious foods that are typical to Argentina as well as learning Spanish.

What are foods typical to Argentina? Carne (meat), empanadas (stuffed pastries with meat, cheese, and/or vegetables), medialunas (similar to a croissant), dulces (sweets), chimichurri (sauce of herbs), milanesas (breaded thin meats), humita (sweet stewed corn mixture), dulce de leche (singed condensed milk), and many other Italian influenced delights such as pizza, pasta, and gelatto. These tasty foods can be found throughout the city in cafés, restaurants, and grocery stores and for many main foreign currencies, are often very inexpensive. Although not a food, we can not leave out the ever famous wines of Argentina. Argentina produces a vast line of wines from all over the country. Discovering how to order them will help you learn Spanish!

Students learning Spanish in Argentina with Expanish will have the opportunity to learn to cook and experience these foods with weekly cooking classes and local restaurant excursions. For those interested in wine tasting, we also offer weekly wine tasting classes. Participating in these classes and excursions will create a greater understanding of the Argentine culture and its Italian and Spanish roots and students will make the most of their Spanish immersion in Argentina.

Our cooking classes take place outside of our Spanish school in Buenos Aires in the house of our cook and professor, Leonardo. In the first class, students will be taught how to make empanadas and humita, and in the second carne and dulces. Any other classes are open to student preferences and Leonardo will assist you in creating your favorite Argentine dishes while learning about the ingredients and history of the dish.

Our wine tasting classes are a great way to learn about the history of wine in Argentina as well as taste many different wines from different regions from Argentina. Our students will attend the Escuela Argentina de Vinos (Argentina School of Wine) and taste more than 20 different wines. There are three classes in total, all three hours long. These classes are great for students learning Spanish in Buenos Aires with Expanish as all wine classes are in Spanish.

Around our Spanish school in Buenos Aires there are many typical Argentine restaurants as well as many modern and funky restaurants debuting Argentine foods with a modern or infused taste. Every week, Expanish will arrange one dinner or more at one of Buenos Aires local restaurants where students can enjoy the Argentine cuisine in a social and fun atmosphere.