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As you know from your own language, there are certain words, terms, and expressions, that are used all the time and in almost any scenario. For you, they go completely unnoticed as you are so used to hearing them or using them; when you are learning a new language, these words become crucial in the process of becoming fluent.

Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires is the same; there are certain words you will here all the time here and if you want to improve on your Spanish level, its best to learn them and use them!

Dale: This is used to agree with something, like “OK” or “Sure”.
Example: “Queres ir al cine esta noche?” >> “ Dale!”

Mira vos: Direct translation: “Look at you.” This is very common among Argentines, and is meant to say “ really?”, “wow”, or “good for you”.
Example: “Yo tuve mi entrevista ayer y despues 10 minutues, el jefe me dio el posicion!” >> “Mira vos..!”

Todo bien: This is always used between people. It can come as a question and an answer, and directly translates to “ Everything good”.
Example: “Todo bien?” >> “Si, todo bien!”

Viste: Another term that is used frequently. Direct translation: “Did you see”. This is used more like “ You know?”.
Example: “ Habia mucha lluvia ayer, no podia manejar en mi calle, viste…”

Que se yo: Direct translation: “What do I know”. This is used all the time, usually after a sentence where some one gives their opinion or their ideas on something.
Example: “Voy a quedarme en casa esta semana, que se yo, limpiando, leyendo…”

O sea: This is like saying “ I mean…”
Example: “ Creo que es lo mejor si compres este regalo para tu hermano, o sea, no tenes nada mas, es cierto?”

Puede Ser: Direct translation: “ It could be.” This is also very common, and can be used like “maybe”, or like a question, “ Is that possible”.
Example: “ Te pido la cuenta, puede ser?”

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