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Anyone can tell you that a travel abroad experience is one that changes you. No matter whether you have done it once, twice, or ten times, every single time you go abroad, experience a new culture or language, you are changed. And at the end of it all, you will see a myriad of experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today.

There are some truths about traveling that can be applied to anyone; whether you are an Expanish student studying Spanish in Buenos Aires or a solo travelers backpacking through South America.  Even if you are not already aware of these truths, if you are a traveler, you will be able to identify with them.

You will always be you

Every single person who has every worked, studied, or traveled abroad has had a reason to do so. Perhaps that want a new experience, they need a break from life, they want to learn a new language, or they want to discover something new about themselves. No matter what the reason, where ever you go, you will always be  you, meaning you will take with you your strengths, your flaws, your bad hair, your pretty face. Embrace it.

Your experience is made by you

It is easy to think that ‘outside influences’ have had something to do with our experience but when it comes down to it, experiences are made and shaped by us.  There are many times on the road when you can choose to be negative or stressed out, and the majority of us choose it, however, we do not have to. In fact, the best of traveler’s have learned to change, to adapt, and to indulge in their experiences.  We go abroad to experience something new and different, so why is it that we complain about that new and different when we get there.

You have the golden ticket

If you are traveling abroad or have the opportunity to be traveling abroad, consider yourself lucky.  I believe that it is safe to see that the large majority of the population does not have the luxury of travel, especially not the type of gallivanting us western’s do.  We pack our bags and head to countries around the world, often forgetting that it is a privilege to be doing so; when you are on road, do not forget that, do not think you live like the rest of the world, and take each experience as a total privilege.

Your grass is actually greener

When we travel, we often start to realize how good we have it back home. This can come in various ways; a bus ride, a meal, a hotel stay, and suddenly we start to appreciate our lifestyle back home. No matter how much you can appreciate, even love, another country and culture, there will also be certain things (like peanut butter) that will make you miss home.

Wait, maybe the grass is greener on the other side…

Last but not least, the grass may in fact still seem greener on the other side, even after you spent three months complaining about the fact that you couldn’t find soya milk abroad. Once home, traveler’s will start to remember all of the incredible experiences they had, the people they met, the food they ate, the time they ate with complete stranger’s in a pizza restaurant or danced tango in the streets at one am.  Suddenly, those experiences do not appear back home, and you miss them.  Why do you think its called the travel bug? Once it’s there, you will never lose it.