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Due to my schedule this past week I needed to change my classes from group to individual. Thankfully, Expanish was wonderful in accommodating this switch. Of course I knew this was going to be a big change! I was excited to have the teacher´s undivided attention, while also fearful that I had the teacher´s undivided attention!

I figured that this was my golden opportunity to vastly improve my conversational skills. One, I had no one else to rely on to answer a question that I did not know. (Despite the fact that my face clearly gave that away every time I did not understand!) And two, my teacher was able to cater to my weaknesses as they obviously presented themselves. J The conversations with my teacher varied from specific details about my life and my family, to personal questions I had about Argentina. My teacher always encouraged me to put forward my own opinions so that I could better articulate myself in everyday conversations with locals and friends.

Probably the best part of individual classes at Expanish was being able to learn at a pace that was comfortable for me. I could ask to review a difficult concept without feeling shy or embarrassed in front of my other classmates.  As well, I was able to progress faster on those subjects that I excelled at.

So which type of Expanish Spanish class should you choose?? It would be difficult to say which I prefer, as I know they are both very beneficial in their own ways. But I do know which ever Expanish class you choose, you won’t be let down!