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Whether you’re looking for a Business Spanish course abroad or you want to work in Argentina, here we give you 10 tips to find a job that will allow you to put your Spanish to work and to stay in the country for longer.

Take a Spanish course in Argentina

This is key if you are a beginning Spanish student because even though Argentina is the Latin American country with the best level of English, according to the English Proficiency Index, and there are many international companies with offices in the country, Spanish is still the official and preferred language in the market. I recommend that you do the course before starting the job search, as this will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident when having interviews in Spanish. If you have already studied Spanish and have an intermediate level, you can focus on improving or learning something more specific, such as Spanish vocabulary focused on business.

Put together your CV and translate it into Spanish

The basic structure of your CV should be as follows:

  • Personal information (name, last name, age and contact information)
  • Academic achievements (degrees, courses, etc.)
  • Work experience (jobs, professional practices, internships, etc.)
  • In Argentina, it’s customary to put a photo on the CV and it should show you as a professional. The important thing is that your CV is clear, concise and simple and that it can be read quickly. In this article, you can find more tips on how to write a good curriculum vitae.

Once you’ve finished with your CV, translate it into Spanish. If you do not feel confident enough to translate it yourself, it is highly advisable to hire a professional translator.

Look for opportunities in the most popular websites for jobs

It is essential to have your LinkedIn profile up-to-date. Remember that Linkedin allows you to have your CV in different languages, so you can now put it in Spanish and make it more accessible to Argentine recruiters.

Argentines usually look for work on different sites. One of the most popular is Boomeran. Another popular one is ZonaJobs. Personally, I found my job at Expanish (7 years ago!) on CompuTrabajo. Craiglist is also available, but it’s not very known among Argentines, and the jobs that you can find there don’t always require you to speak Spanish, or they are rather casual.

Do networking!

It’s important that all your contacts in Argentina know that you are looking for a job. On Facebook, there is a large community of expats living in the country who can advise you on how to find your first job and guide you on bureaucratic issues, since they have already gone through your situation. You can also attend social events organized through sites like MeetUp.

Take your CV in person

If you are looking for a more casual job, it’s a good idea to print your CV and take it to bars, restaurants, and businesses in person. Always ask to speak with the manager and if they are busy, ask what day you could come back and what time is best, since it’s not a good idea to disturb them when the place is packed with people.

Get an Argentine cell phone number

This is not mandatory but it’s advisable if you want to be contacted by recruiters directly and faster. They often want to make the first contact with the potential candidate to prove their level of Spanish, talk about their situation in the country or to organize an interview. The most important cell phone companies are Claro, Personal and Movistar.

Offer language classes at the beginning

The most popular languages that Argentines want to learn are English, Portuguese, French, and German. You can post an ad on pages like Tus Classes or print an advertising brochure and paste it somewhere in your neighborhood. This will help you finance your stay while you look for another job.

Have all the papers and documents that you need in order and up to date

It’s not necessary to come to Argentina with a work visa. You can come on a tourist visa and look for a job once you are settled down in the country. Let’s imagine that you finally got a job. You will have to do a series of procedures to legally work in the country. There are companies that offer assistance to their foreign employees, but there are others that do not, and that is why it’s important to know these steps. All this more bureaucratic information can be found on the National Government’s website here.

Do an internship

There are many companies willing to hire foreign interns. Generally, these internships are not remunerated, but they allow you to obtain experience in the Argentine labor market and they can probably give you a letter of recommendation once you finish the internship, something very valuable when looking for a job.

Be patient and come prepared

Finding work can be challenging, especially if you’re a foreigner, but not at all impossible. All the foreigners I’ve met in Buenos Aires sooner or later found work, so why shouldn’t you be able to find one too? It’s important that you come prepared and with enough money to cover your expenses while you are on the job search.

I hope these tips have helped you. Good luck with your job search! Do you have any questions? Write to us below or have a look on our website for the Spanish Business Course.