Quiz! How to choose Spanish Courses

Are you a beginner or seasoned Spanish learner looking to further your Spanish learning? Not sure where to start when selecting a language school? Not to worry, here at Expanish, we believe in ensuring that your Spanish learning experience is tailored to your specific language learning needs, desired fluency, future goals, and more! So grab a pencil and a piece of paper, it’s time for your first Spanish learning assessment! Take the short test below to find out which Expanish course is right for you!

How to choose Spanish Courses

Spanish Classes Intensive Course

What is your Spanish learning motivation?

  1. Travel
  2. Communication (basic or fluency)
  3. Career

What Spanish level are you looking to achieve

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced/Fluency

What is the amount of time you are wanting to study Spanish?

  1. 1 to 2 weeks
  2. 3 to 5 weeks
  3. 6 weeks or more

What do you value more in a Spanish language teacher?

  1. Local, native speaker
  2. Personalized learning environment
  3. Hands-on, interactive teaching approach

Studying Spanish at Expanish

If your answer was…

Mostly A’s
If you answered mostly A’s, the best classes for you are Intensive Courses and Combination Courses. Expanish offers two different options for people looking to improve their Spanish levels. Our intensive group courses, aimed at improving Spanish regardless of the initial level, ensure that all levels of learners will be able to reach their personal language goals by the end of their program. From beginner to advanced and everything in-between, we offer classes of 20 or 30 hours a week, through which you will engage in activities that expand your capabilities in reading, writing, speaking and listening. For an added level of cultural integration and Spanish practice, you can pair your morning classes with an additional classes of Spanish and Tango. For those looking for added structure in addition to intensive group classes, we recommend taking Combination Courses. These courses combine group and private classes for the ultimate intensive learning experience.

Spanish Courses Private Lessons

Mostly B’s
If you answered mostly B’s, the best classes for you are Private Lessons. For those looking for completely personalized, one-on-one teaching, we recommend taking Private Lessons. Private lessons at Expanish will allow you to customize the intensity and scheduling of the classes, allowing for flexibility and success in and out of the classroom. These courses offer the opportunity to work with a professor in personalized lessons and addresses the topics you are interested in, in a comfortable one-on-one setting.

Mostly C’s
If you answered mostly C’s, the best classes for you are Professional Development Courses. Expanish offers three different professional development courses: Medical Spanish, Business Spanish, and Spanish for Teachers. Expanish offers these Spanish learning classes as a combination of 20 group and 5 individual hours per week, and are designed at improving Spanish learning in specialized fields. Looking to expand your professional experience? Expanish also offers Internships to those interested; this is the perfect opportunity to put your Spanish learning to the test! If you’re already living in the city and have a complex schedule, we offer Evening Spanish Courses for those looking to improve their Spanish language learning. These classes are given at night and offered twice a week for all levels of Spanish.
No matter your Spanish learning goals or current language level, Expanish has the course for you! From Intensive Courses to Private Lessons to Professional Development, we’ve got the perfect, specialized course for you.

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