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How To Choose Spanish Courses

At Expanish, we want to ensure that your Spanish learning experience is tailored to your characteristics, desires, and goals. The first step in choosing your Spanish courses is to evaluate what type of learner you might be, in order to asses which learning environment would be best for you. The following traits are based on learning styles, which can help you decide which course best fits your needs. You can, of course, have more than one set of traits!

  • Structured, organized, logical
  • Adventurous, creative, and active
  • Goal-oriented and rational

The next self-reflection is based on how you want to spend your time studying. What would you like the setting of your language learning adventure to be?

  • Classroom Experience
  • Exploring the city and Culture
  • Interactive with local

What are the goals of your Spanish language endeavor? What Spanish courses will fit your goals?

  • Fluency (or near)
  • Specific jargon based on your career interests
  • A few keywords to help you get through the day

With all of these learning characteristics, setting desires, and Spanish language goals in mind, choosing a Spanish course will be much easier!


Intensive Courses

For those of us who enjoy structure, the classroom and would like to gain fluency, Intensive courses are the best option! Offered for 20, 25 or 30 hours a week, in intensive courses the language learner will engage in activities which expand their capabilities in reading, writing, speaking and listening. For an added level of intensity, the language learner can add private lessons.

Private Lessons

Structure within the classroom and the goal of gaining fluency are maintained in private courses. These courses offer the opportunity to work with a professor in personalized lessons and address the topics you are hoping to address in a comfortable classroom setting. These courses allow you to customize the intensity and scheduling of the courses, which, of course, can be taken in unison with Intensive Group Courses.

Explore the city while learning Spanish!

Spanish in the City

If you are interested in exploring the city and culture, some fluency, and your learning style is adventures and active, Spanish in the city is for you! During your morning courses, you will have the chance to learn in the classroom setting, while in the afternoon you will explore the city with locals. This course offers you the opportunity to learn Spanish both inside and outside the classroom, as your exploration of Barcelona will be done in Spanish as well.

Evening Spanish Courses

If you are already working full time, or busy with daytime activities, and evening course is perfect for goal-oriented individuals looking for classroom experience and achieving near fluency. These classes are given at night, twice a week and are available for all levels of Spanish. The course is designed to deliver similar results as the intensive courses, but with a flexible schedule designed to fit your lifestyle.

Learn Spanish while dancing Flamenco!

Spanish and Flamenco

Are you adventurous and active, interested in exploring Spanish culture, and seeking classroom as well as experiential learning? Spanish and Flamenco is the course for you! When taking this course you will be able to take group classes in the morning, and flamenco courses in the afternoon. This course option allows you to make a deeper connection to the Spanish culture by learning the language as well as the dance of the country!

Spanish and Cooking

Adventurous, active, interested in exploring Spanish culture both inside and outside the classroom? Perhaps you would like to engage in a different aspect of culture, and explore the delicious cuisine of Spain. Spanish and cooking courses allow you to take intensive Spanish courses in the morning include conversations and dynamics that encourage participation and conversation, as well as gastronomy vocabulary. The cooking class will take place in a professional kitchen workshop, and teach you to make delicious traditional Spanish dishes!


If you are goal oriented, looking to get to know locals, and interested in gaining a Spanish vocabulary in your field of interest, get an internship! Before embarking on your internship, you will receive a week of intensive classes which will equip you with the Spanish necessary for your work experience. There are a variety of fields which you could work in, such as:

  • Business
  • Art and Design
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Non-Profit

All of the programs are in high-preforming organizations, and an internship with them will help you advance your career.


Professional Development Courses

Are you a goal-oriented professional looking for a classroom experience in which you gain a vocabulary in your professional area? There are Spanish courses which allow you to gain a detailed vocabulary in your area. There are courses offered in Medical, Business and Teaching Spanish.

Medical Spanish

These courses consist of 20 group Spanish lessons and 4 individual classes per week. In these courses, you will be able to develop your medical vocabulary in your field and practice skills related to the tasks you will be performing on a regular basis.


Business Spanish

These Spanish courses were designed for business professionals who need the language in order to communicate in the workplace. In this course, you will learn specific vocabulary and idioms for the business professional atmosphere.

Spanish for Teachers

This program takes place over two weeks and is curated specifically to attend the needs of those who teach Spanish as a foreign language. The course load consists of theoretical classes and teaching practices, including leading a Spanish lesson at Expanish.

Learn Spanish vocabulary for the office!

Crash Course

Are you and adventurous action seeker looking for time in the classroom, but really only want to learn a few words to help you get by? That means the crash course is for you! In this course, you will gain the ability to speak Spanish right away and achieve a vocabulary set sure to help you get out of sticky situations. You will also be prepared with key phrases which can be used in a variety of situations.